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Betta Swim Bladder Disease

Swim Bladder Disorder Information and Symptoms Swim Bladder Disorder is an extremely common betta ailment, and it typically looks worse than it actually is. I know, you’re probably sitting there watching your poor betta flop around, struggling valiantly to make it to the top for air, and basically looking nothing like his usual graceful self, … Read more

Betta Fin Rot Information and Symptoms

Fin Rot is arguably the number one issue you will have to deal with if you keep any number of bettas for any length of time. Fin Rot is a bacterial infection of the fins, usually brought about by poor water conditions and/or stress that causes the fins to deteriorate. Fin Rot can also set … Read more

7 Best Schooling Fish To Get In Your Aquarium

A schooling fish can be regarded as any gathering of fish that dwell, move and swim together in a similar direction in an organized form. One amazing thing about this fish species is their natural beauty. The manner in which they move near to one another more or less like perfect rhythm is really jaw-dropping. … Read more