Mbuna Cichlids Tank Smells Really Bad

I’ve been told that the smell of a fish tank can be caused by several things: Overfeeding your fish. If you’re feeding them too much food, they will produce more waste than the filter can handle. This will result in an increase in ammonia levels and thus a bad smell coming from the tank. Not … Read more

What Do Mbuna Cichlids Eat ?

The Mbuna cichlids are mostly herbivores, but they like to supplement their algae diet with insects, tiny snails and such. The herbivore Mbuna cichlids have elongated intestines that make it possible for them to extract protein and carbohydrates from algae. The carnivorous Mbuna cichlids are also known as “rock-dwelling”, because they usually live in rocky … Read more

How Often Should I Feed My Mbuna Cichlids?

If you have a Mbuna tank, you’ll need to be careful about how often you feed your fish. If you don’t provide enough food for them, they may become aggressive towards each other. If you feed them too much, they’ll get fat and unhealthy. Mbuna cichlids require frequent feeding, especially when they are young. Once … Read more

Are Mbuna Cichlids Easy to Keep?

Mbuna cichlids are some of the most popular fish in the hobby, and for good reason. They are colorful, active, and easy to care for. But how easy is it to keep an mbuna? There are several reasons why Mbuna cichlids have become so popular over the years. First, they’re very colorful and come in … Read more

Best Substrate for Mbuna Cichlids

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a substrate for mbuna cichlids is whether or not it will affect the pH levels in your tank. Mbunas are very hardy, aggressive fish that require well-established tanks with lots of rockwork to hide in. They are not suitable for a newly set up tank or … Read more

How to Help Betta Fish Regrow Its Fins

It’s not uncommon for betta fish to lose their fins. This can be due to poor water quality, injuries and disease. But whatever the reason, it’s important to know how to help your fish regrow his or her fins so that you can get them back into perfect health. How to Help Betta Fish Regrow … Read more

What Temperature Should Mbuna Cichlids Be Kept At?

Mbuna Cichlids are a popular variety of fish with aquarists because they have such vibrant colors, and they’re fairly easy to care for. However, there are some basic requirements that you need to keep in mind when keeping Mbuna Cichlids in your aquarium so that you can give them the best possible environment. The temperature … Read more

Betta Swim Bladder Disease

Swim Bladder Disorder Information and Symptoms Swim Bladder Disorder is an extremely common betta ailment, and it typically looks worse than it actually is. I know, you’re probably sitting there watching your poor betta flop around, struggling valiantly to make it to the top for air, and basically looking nothing like his usual graceful self, … Read more

Betta Fin Rot Information and Symptoms

Fin Rot is arguably the number one issue you will have to deal with if you keep any number of bettas for any length of time. Fin Rot is a bacterial infection of the fins, usually brought about by poor water conditions and/or stress that causes the fins to deteriorate. Fin Rot can also set … Read more

7 Best Schooling Fish To Get In Your Aquarium

A schooling fish can be regarded as any gathering of fish that dwell, move and swim together in a similar direction in an organized form. One amazing thing about this fish species is their natural beauty. The manner in which they move near to one another more or less like perfect rhythm is really jaw-dropping. … Read more