The Care of Saltwater Angelfish

The Care of Saltwater Angelfish

The beautifully exotic Saltwater Angelfish are found in nearly every ocean across the world. A few great examples of exotic species can be found in the waters of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. These fish are classed as exotic because of their extremely bright colours. The Saltwater Angelfish make great fish pets for most people.

Saltwater Angelfish Feeding

The Saltwater Angelfish although it has an unusual diet, will still eat some animal materials and different plants. Unlike some fish they would prefer something like a jumbo krill, which are jumbo shrimp freeze dried. This kind of food is a great source of vitamin E, protein and fat and is far more suitable than the small pellets of fish food bought at the local groceries shop.

For people who feel that they want to feed their fish in a more traditional way, they can purchase One Flakes Flake Formula. These flakes have fresh seafood and extra algae, which is perfect for most exotic fish. Although it is a good idea to still feed them live food such as the shrimp as well as the flakes.

Saltwater Angelfish Housing

Angelfish can sometimes be very territorial and picky about their area of living space. Some species can grow to as much as 16” in length, so it is advisable to remember this when you are looking a suitable saltwater habitat for your fish as they prefer a large area to live in.

When you are buying a tank make sure that it is no smaller than 75 gallons, unless it is for pygmy angelfish, as a large saltwater habitat would allow you to add other fish in with your Angelfish, without the Angelfish becoming too territorial, but remember they may still attack and kill some of your other fish.