Are Mbuna Cichlids Easy to Keep?

Mbuna cichlids are some of the most popular fish in the hobby, and for good reason. They are colorful, active, and easy to care for. But how easy is it to keep an mbuna? There are several reasons why Mbuna cichlids have become so popular over the years. First, they’re very colorful and come in … Read more

How to Help Betta Fish Regrow Its Fins

It’s not uncommon for betta fish to lose their fins. This can be due to poor water quality, injuries and disease. But whatever the reason, it’s important to know how to help your fish regrow his or her fins so that you can get them back into perfect health. How to Help Betta Fish Regrow … Read more

What Temperature Should Mbuna Cichlids Be Kept At?

Mbuna Cichlids are a popular variety of fish with aquarists because they have such vibrant colors, and they’re fairly easy to care for. However, there are some basic requirements that you need to keep in mind when keeping Mbuna Cichlids in your aquarium so that you can give them the best possible environment. The temperature … Read more

Betta Fin Rot Information and Symptoms

Fin Rot is arguably the number one issue you will have to deal with if you keep any number of bettas for any length of time. Fin Rot is a bacterial infection of the fins, usually brought about by poor water conditions and/or stress that causes the fins to deteriorate. Fin Rot can also set … Read more

Constipation Information and Symptoms

Constipation, although terribly embarrassing, is a very common Betta ailment. Constipation is normally caused by the Betta being fed too many rich foods (such as bloodworms) and not enough fiber. Constipation can also become a recurring problem in elderly Bettas (sort of like people!). Constipation is fairly easy to diagnose if you know what to … Read more

Is Melafix Safe for Snails?

This experiment was not controlled and not done in sterile conditions, it was not funded or sponsored in anyway by Maracyn Plus and its producing company. In no way is this a guarantee that this product will cure your problem. Please see warning about different species below. Bacterial Infection of Bridgesii Apple Snails Extent ranging … Read more

How do you take care of a baby Kribensis?

This is a blog where i’ll be posting the progress of raising my latest batch of 75-100 baby kribensis fry on commercially prepared foods, most of which you can purchase for yourself in a good quality pet shop. In a nutshell, I have two of the best Kribensis parents you could ask for (Pelvicachromis pulcher). … Read more

Why Is My Fish Losing Its Color?

You chose the brightest, most vibrantly colored fishes at the pet store – reds, golds, and blues. They brought your aquarium to life, but their shimmering colors are fading. They’re looking dull, and maybe even behaving listlessly. What is wrong with your fish? Why is it losing its color? Below, we’ll explore the most common … Read more