Preventing Odour from Your Marine Aquarium

Odour is not welcomed in an aquarium and must be prevented at all costs and under any circumstances. Odour is usually an indicator of some decaying or decomposed matter and is usually a bad sign for your tank, as it can eliminate a good and healthy environment. Understanding what can cause odours in your aquarium is the key to prevention and as is always the case, the prevention of odours is better than trying to eliminate them when they have surfaced. Odours in an aquarium can suggest diseases and disease can jeopardise your aquarium life.

To avoid potential disease and death, take into consideration the following factors when contemplating the prevention of bad smells or odours in your aquarium:

  • Frequently check for dead fish from your aquarium and remove them as soon as possible. Allowing dead fish to remain will result in decomposition. Even though this is transpiring under water, it gives a bad smell and puts other aquarium life at risk of getting diseases. Decomposing matter can give off gases which can be harmful to the survival of aquarium life.
  • Frequently replacing about 10% of your aquarium water with fresh tap water helps to ensure that the water is cleaner and less prone to odours.
  • Avoid dropping excessive food stuffs in your aquarium. Some of the foods which the fish may fail to finish can rot whilst in the aquarium and release an odour. Aquarium life must be fed with just enough food. Avoid giving food which your fish may fail to finish within 30 to 60 seconds in the aquarium. It is the nature of fish to look hungry; they will not necessarily feed on all you give them. Fish will always look hungry no matter how much you feed them.
  • Dirty does stink. Keeping your aquarium clean is very important in the prevention of aquarium odours. So regularly clean your tank by ridding it of fish droppings and other dirt to make sure it does not smell bad.
  • Avoid feeding your marine aquarium with stale or almost stale food leftovers. These will quickly rot and will give a bad smell or odour in the water.
  • The best trick of all is to maintain strict hygiene of your aquarium. That way you will be sure to prevent odours, which are friends of dirty, unhealthy environments.