• PH8PH8 August 2016
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    It has been years since I posted, but somehow as I watched my koi this morning, I couldn't help but reflect on the state of the koi hobby today, and felt that perhaps I should post some of my thoughts up.

    Some years ago, when the old Malaysian koi forum was still around, the koi community was so vibrant. We shared our thoughts and ideas freely online, learnt much from one another, organised koi events like pond visits (not just in KL but to Shah Alam, Klang, Seremban and even as far as Kuching) and religiously supported, attended and participated in annual grow-outs and koi shows. There were lots of new posts to read on the forum every day when you logged in. Not just the frivolous smiley face posts, but posts with essence in them, posts that we could learn something from.

    In the process, lots of friendships were established, locally, from out-of-town and indeed, even from out-of-country. The old forum saw active participation from not just Malaysia and Singapore, but also Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, the United States, the United Kingdom and even South Africa. It was often touching to see how folks went out of their way to help others. It was a great community to exist in, to be a part of. Many of these friendships were somehow lost over time, but some endured till today. For me personally, I also saw that some people took a dislike to me and a measure of animosity ensued, but that's okay, I accept that there will be conflict in any human community. I'm just glad it was only a few.

    Many of the hobbyists that were around during the so-called "golden years" have given up the hobby. From my observation, there is a 4-5 year cycle in the koi hobby. If one does not manage to learn the secrets to keeping good water within that time and one's koi keep getting sick and dying, the stress will outweigh the joy of the hobby. The hobbyist will get disillusioned and give up. There are many other less stressful hobbies out there, after all. On the other hand, there are also hobbyists who managed to unlock the secrets to good water and consequently got bored with the hobby as it no longer held any challenge for them, and hence moved on.

    Regardless, there should always be new entrants to the hobby, likely younger folk, to replace those who leave. These will be the guys (or gals) who will keep the flag flying. But where are they? This forum was set up to replace the old forum, which has long since been deactivated due to some of the conflict in the past that I mentioned earlier. But it is like a ghost town here. Has been for some years now. There is no more vibrancy. Hell, there is hardly even any semblance of what one might be able to call a community. Now I hear that for the first time in perhaps 20 years, there will not be a full koi show this year. Only a wakagoi show targeted for November. The faltering economy has something to do with the level of jadedness amongst folks, I suspect, but still, it is a sad state of affairs.

    Without a "new guard," the koi dealers will not do so well, and less and less nice koi will reach our shores. Koi shows will be fewer and less new entrants will come into the hobby. So the vicious cycle continues in a downward spiral. We need some new leaders to bring some freshness back into the koi scene. Because the scene, as it is now, is surely going through a prolonged "bad water" period. Amongst other people that Malaysia needs to tangkap, we also need to "tangkap" some younger hobbyists to lead this hobby into the future.
  • pandaipandai August 2016
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    Bro Paul,

    It's great to hear from you again! I share your views and I too miss those golden era of koi hobby. I learnt a lot from the forumners here and I owe it to this group who has helped me through my difficult times in learning the secrets of koi keeping in the beginning and at the same time made me a koikichi who would do anything for the sake of enjoying this beautiful hobby.

    Anyway, I think all is not lost. As with any friendships or long lasting relationships; there are always ups and downs. And for a good one; you can always pick up where you left and make it thrive and flourish again. Let's not give up and let's keep on trying to bring back the spark in this romance... ;-)

    My new pond is ready and I am now adding fishes in batches. I expect the pond will be fully ready for everyone's enjoyment in a month or so once it is stable. I will then throw a big pond warming party and will invite all koikichis young and old, seasoned and new and we shall have a great time meeting each other and talk of nothing else but koi, koi and more kois... like we used to...

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  • lautslauts August 2016
    Posts: 1,248
    Morning bro Paul ,bro Pandai
    Days of koi shows and pond visits may be few but we still have our kois to enjoy.
    Love of kois is why we are still IN this.
    Looking forward to my weekly pond cleaning morning Sun like it has been for the last 20 yrs at least. Infact bought 2 pcs from bro Aaron Fri and sold 3 to another koi kaki today who visited my pond earlier. Still selling my clays and was on whatsapp with another kaki abt his koi ulcers also with bro Pandai on bio bacteria. So i suppose its what you make of your koi hobby.

  • cfamilycfamily August 2016
    Posts: 5
    Is the good Dr Tan aka dttk still in this koi hobby?

  • JamesJames September 2016
    Posts: 1,964
    Bro Paul, nice to have you back and sharing your thoughts. I definitely benefited a lot from the active forum in the initial days and I can agree to the quality of posts that might have led to the current forum being inactive and not a source of inspirational koi info.

    Perhaps we can identify some seniors and encourage them to post their knowledge. For the old jaded reason of "koi politics" many are shying away. And by that it included me. I do check in from time to time but quickly close the browser after seeing no posts, which also means there are many of us still checking the forum hoping for revival.

    Your lead? bro Paul?
  • darrendarren September 2016
    Posts: 42

    let's make this place happening again LAH.
  • lautslauts September 2016
    Posts: 1,248
    One post from PH8 elicit so many response already .

    Paul rather than lamenting what used to be , why not make this forum discussion happening again.

    Bro Darren any food promo for the coming Yama GO ?

    :-D :)

  • HDCuHDCu September 2016
    Posts: 1,117
    Actually facebook, whatsup, viber is now the in thing as compared to forum websites and this goes to almost all hobby forums not just koi.

    Nevertheless, I do see several problems also with this forum. For one there is no moderator that post new topics or news or encourage people to post on a specific koi, filter or pond related topic. Even dealers has not been posting. I suppose there was a long time that this forum even had technical problems it had to resolve.

    I suppose there are some who would like to post or ask questions but felt no one was probably listening didnt felt the need to post away and wait for someone to answer back when they could just viber or whatsup their koi buddies and immediately get a reply the whole day.

    Also, there is just no clear incentive to post or participate in this forum from the way I see it.

    I suggest that for this forum to survice and be active, invite several koi club members flrom different countries to post to create a more dynamic koi community.

    It is such a shame that Malaysia is not going to have a major koi show for this year.

  • lautslauts September 2016
    Posts: 1,248
    Welcome back and nice to hear from you bro HDCu.

    Agree with what you mention and share the same experience. i have 2 request sent for new members still outstanding from 3 month ago. I suppose a major role to revive this forum would come from the website owners themselves. I do read old post occasionally for info and like the other sites these could be bumped up by the admin.

  • ashfaqashfaq September 2016
    Posts: 799
    Its been 18 days, no koi kakis posted :)

    Why don't you big brothers start a thread of your collections?
    Ashfaq from India-Chennai
  • niveknivek October 2016
    Posts: 1,251
    Just login and saw this after a long time. Good to see familiar faces
  • SIMKEE2020SIMKEE2020 October 2016
    Posts: 32
    Good to have all the friends back to post
  • BenjaminGohBenjaminGoh October 2016
    Posts: 419
    Hope to see everybody next month in the ZNA Young Koi Show!
  • pandaipandai October 2016
    Posts: 1,083
    Eh!!! Next month ka??? Alamak... not ready yet laaa...!!! :O :-S :-ss
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  • gerrygerry October 2016
    Posts: 777
    Hellooooo peeps! So happy to see postings in the forum and familiar names.... :X

    I think it's FB's fault that the forum is not as lively as before... but if you guys are in, I'm in. ;;)
  • pandaipandai October 2016
    Posts: 1,083
    FB also have soooo many groups now. Not sure where to post! :-))
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  • gerrygerry October 2016
    Posts: 777
    :-)) :-)) :-))
  • jaysonjayson January 2017
    Posts: 106
    Yo all sifu, i had totally MIA for this hobby. when i try to login today i saw my very very 1st sihu in koi hobby bro Paul. good to hear you are back. =D>
  • Md+FahamiMd Fahami January 2017
    Posts: 32
    Hi all,
    I am considered a newbies here and to tell you the truth I learned a lot from this forum.
    My pond is about (almost) 3 years now.
    I can proudly say that the pond have been very stable and thank god that the journey have been quite an easy for me (thanks to all the infos that I gathered here).

    I really hope that this forum can be active once again.

    Thank you masta!
    koi.jpg 184K
  • hypersushihypersushi March 2017
    Posts: 25
    Hello everyone!

    In 2011 I posted a bunch of questions because I wanted to build a pond. Have been undergoing some financial difficulties but things are turning around and hoping to get that pond built late this year or early next year. I have still not given up this dream! Will be posting a bunch a questions very soon and I hope all the sifus and other forumers will help me with my queries.

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