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    DEC 12 2015

    A talk on something all koi hobbyist look forward to know: HOW TO CHOOSE A TOSAI" Its not easy I tell you. It takes a lot of experience and school fees to be able to predict how a tosai will develop.

    This talk will be conducted by MR DAVE CHEONG our veteran hobbyist and also ZNA Judge. He will share with you his experience. Come learn from my sifu.

    This talk is held in conjunction with HANAKO koi's event (see attached). Location facilities and makan are sponsored by HANAKO.


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    Hanako event details are as follows
  • JamesJames December 2015
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    A good subject matter indeed. Wish I could join. Updates and discussion on this would be great and important for the sustenance of the hobby in Malaysia.

    Personally I find that a lot of hobbyists are easily and fast dropping out because they do not understand the koi they have bought. Whether it has potential and if so, what potential does it have. Having potential is too diverse. And that potential does not necessarily sync with the intention of the purchase. This is where disappointment starts to develop through no fault of the koi.

    Some people choose for jumbo potential, some for beauty potential, some for quality potential. Before choosing it is important to know the criteria for choosing. Failing to realise what is realistic about the choice of koi in relation to the budget available is indeed the biggest killer of the hobby.

    Let's collectively put this hobby into the right path.
  • pandaipandai December 2015
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    Bro James,

    I like the, "...through no fault of the koi." part... I can imagine some hobbyists standing by the pond cursing the kois that they bought for not turning out good...! :-)) :-)) :-))

    Anyway, just to clarify your points above - what's the difference, in your reference; between "beauty potential" and "quality potential" as in your statement above? Aren't beauty and quality two of the same thing? Care to explain, sifu?
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  • JamesJames December 2015
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    Bro Pandai, most of us are pattern freaks when it comes to koi. And in looking for the best pattern, we often forget about the impact of quality on beauty. To some, beauty is in the quality, but to most beauty is in the pattern. There are a minority group who associate beauty to the size and volume of the koi. And surely, all of us wished we had all of the above. Hence, "through no fault of the koi", we are disappointed at the koi and the dealer who sold us the koi. ;-)
  • HDCuHDCu December 2015
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    The topic seminar :How to choose Tosai will be helpful to a lot of novice hobbyist. I agree with brother James with regards to expectation not matching to actual results leading to dissapointment and blame.

    A lot of the common mistake of novice is to mistakenly look at pictures over the internet of supposedly "standard" calendar poster of winning koi and look for koi with similar qualities when the koi is still a tosai expecting that once it grows up to jumbo size, their "dreams do come true" and a very affordable price. It is until the koi grows (or stops somewhat growing) and the bright colors fade while body becomes more unproportion or thin (without chance to grow large in some known bloodlines ) does the novice hobbyist realized he has paid for his learning tuition in this hobby.
  • JamesJames December 2015
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    I think knowing the farm helps. Although we really haven't been exposed to enough here in Malaysia, knowing only the few big farms that the whole world buys from causing good quality kois to be beyond our reach.

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