Asking about hikari economy koi food
  • hung2703hung2703 May 2015
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    I am using aquamaster koi food (grow type) but there are some case of ruin foods that cause koi dead, so i decide to stop using aquamaster. Now i switch to hikari economy floating pellet ( same price as aquamaster grow in my location). Did anyone use hikari economy ? How do koi grow ? I am wondering because it contains just 28% protein. Thanks
    P/s: following foods are available in my location:
    Hikari koi food ( most expensive)
    Aquamaster koi food
    Kagayaki koi food ( the cheapest)
    Did anyone use kagayaki ? Its price is just a half of hikari economy koi food, it contains 35% protein, can i use this koi food ?
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  • SIMKEE2020SIMKEE2020 May 2015
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    Hi Hung2703,
    I never use Hikari Economy before but currently use Hikari Saki and Staple which I found it is good. Water pollution is minimum. Thank you

    Sim KY
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar May 2015
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    Same here. I'm using saki hikari grow and saki hikari balance (mix both). The results are good. Less waste and good growth. Never used Hikari Economy, the low protein must be due to cheaper cost. But can be rest assured that Hikari is good product. Only the grow won't be as optimum as the Saki Hikari

  • hung2703hung2703 May 2015
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    Thank for your advises #SIMKEE2020, #Bthineshkumar. I am using saki hikari balance as well and the results are good but I want to try hikari economy in long run because my fishes are not so quality.
    here is my shiro utsuri after 2 months using saki hikari balance, now 26cm, then 20cm :)
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  • Kelvin86Kelvin86 May 2015
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    Should try Kokusai Growth Wheatgerm or even Kokusai Vitality Wheatgerm. Very good and high quality feed with very reasonable price.
    - Aquatic Kingdom -
  • darrendarren May 2015
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    Hi Hung,

    Kokusai will be introducing an economy range with much higher quality than what is now available in the market. watch this space and stay tuned.

    as a koi lover, koi food specialist and manufacturer myself. i am personally involved from A to Z of the process and manufacturing of our koi food. please ask away if you would like to know the importance of good koi food in grooming your koi.


    Darren Tan
    co-founder of kokusai koi food
  • ikankoikauikankoikau May 2015
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    Bro Darren... (Y) (Y)
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar May 2015
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    Bro Darren,

    =D> =D> (Y) (Y)

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