Karashi 93cm from tosai 20cm
  • lautslauts January 2015
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    To share my super jumbo Karashi 93cm raised from tosai abt 20cm.

    With some time in hand decided to measure my Okawa Karashi which has twice evaded by jumping back into the pond. Lucky i always float the tub in water, safer and only if necessary lift using bags to a landed tub, to measure my other gals. I have never managed to measure this Karashi , on few occasion it jumps or outgrow my two measure ( DIY ) tubs on earlier attempts.
    It was abt 87cm abt 6 month ago, meaning it is still growing relatively fast . I hope to raise it past 1meter !! soon. It has outgrown my usual measure tub max out at 84cm.
    Now with extra big QT tank with measure strip and floated on pond,it still managed to jump out , doing a Free Willy 3ft high to land and hit sharp pond corner.
    Some damage to the side belly ( visible from video) . Now no choice but to capture again to repair damage hence to sedated it. It took more than 20 min and one bottle of Transmore to do the job and apply iodine on the cut. But very fast to revive thereafter and she just swam away.

    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/16800/93cm Karashi.jpg


    Now how many 90+ cm kois that can still leap 3ft? I had to re look the measure strip and pictures a few time before believing my eyes it was 93cm. This gal is abt 4.5 yrs old , only pict i had was when it was already 40cm tosai. It still has very youthful skin and demeanor , swimming and chasing after pellets against much smaller nisai/ tosais. Does not have your typical huge body Konishi Karashi but a strong and longish muscular body . It turned a nice mustard colour abt 2 yrs ago used to be a lighter shade. It was 40cm in July 2011.

    Stuff of dreams to be able to grow to 93cm and hopefully 1meter , outside of Japan from tosai. And it is not even an expensive tosai .

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  • niveknivek January 2015
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    Congrats bro lauts on the achievement~! Really awesome effort there.
  • pandaipandai January 2015
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    Maybe bro Lau can host a pond visit at his house so that we all can witness the beauty with our own eyes... ;-)

    It's been a while since we had any pond visit... :-D
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  • frostbitezfrostbitez January 2015
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    very nice effort to grow a 90cm bro lauts, and good patience too =D>
    need to learn that from you ^:)^
    just got a small karashi konishi tosai last month (arround 15cm), hope she/he can grow in to 90cm too
  • wklimwklim January 2015
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    Congratulations bro lauts! kudos on your patience and keeping ^:)^
    Since she is still adding length at such a size, maybe the bulk will come later??! Such a rare and enjoyable experience!
  • ikankoikauikankoikau January 2015
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    Great achievement bro (Y)
  • lautslauts January 2015
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    Thank you bros Kevin, Pandai, Han, WK and Capt.

    Bro Pandai , no need so formal la, just give me call a few day earlier before dropping by .
    You have seen bigger and the best in Japan already.

    Bro Han, good luck on the konishi. I am amaze by what you have achieved using the Hi silk.
    In time the karashi will reach 90cm in your hands

    Bro WK, the karashi is abt 5 yrs old and still growing. Structurally i don;t think it will change much, rather than rounded it has a very high back and deep . See the side profile pict. Its body is actually rectangular cross section wise.

    Have been keeping an eye on the injury , loss 7 scales earlier at bottom of pond and another 2 scales turned red , probably needs removal. But i am confident she will be ok , back to her usual hyper active self today.


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