Specification for my new koi pond
  • mmarsukimmarsuki November 2014
    Posts: 7
    I'm planning to build an informal in-ground kidney shaped koi pond. My intention is to be able keep quality kois to admire the beauty of the individual koi rather than for show. The pond will be located within a 7m x 10m courtyard. Past the house bounded by the courtyard, there's ample area for the filtration chambers. The pond will be approximately 5m (L) x 3m (W at the narrowest part) x (1m to 1.2m at the deepest end) with roughly 20,000L of water. My preference is to utilised OASE pumps but is opened to recomendation on the type of pump.
    At this point in time, my filtration specification looks like this:
    a) each filtration chamber will have its own bottom drain to waste (1st chamber will have an overflow pipe)
    b) 2 x 100mm pond bottom drain
    c) 1 x 100 mm pond overflow pipe
    d) 2 x skimmers
    e) a vortex chamber
    f) muticyclone pre-filter after the vortex (not sure if the water coming out of the vortex has enough energy to go through the multicyclone filter)?
    g) one chamber will be matala mat
    h) another chamber will be Japanese mat
    i) and the next one maybe filled with shells
    j) last will be pump chamber
    k) provision for bakki shower
    l) provison for waterfall.

    Because the koi pond is going to be part of a courtyard landscaping, I would also like to include a small pond with plants (without soils) to be used as filtration to soak up the nitrates. Water from here will flow through a pebble river back into the koi pond.

    Would be much appreciated from all koi sifus, to comment on my specification and advise any shortfall requirements to my proposal. Thanking u all in advance.
  • JamesJames November 2014
    Posts: 1,964
    This system is quite conventional.

    Better to describe how many kois you want to keep, what level, what size. How you buy, tosai and grow, or buy big kois. System is built for the kois and what your intentions for them are.
  • mmarsukimmarsuki November 2014
    Posts: 7
    I like to keep between 10 to 15 kois with a preference to buy quality tosai and grow them. However, it's also very likely I'll buy a couple reasonable big kois just so that the pond doesn't look "bare". Of course, the rate which I'll be populating the pond will depend greatly on how good and stable my water quality. My ultimate intention is grow them as large as they can grow....

  • Md+FahamiMd Fahami November 2014
    Posts: 32
    Sounds very exciting..
    All the best bro..

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