What makes a "good" Goromo?
  • eugeneeugene December 2013
    Posts: 36
    Hi guys,

    I do not have the faintest idea on what makes a "good" Goromo. Can anybody help.

  • eugeneeugene December 2013
    Posts: 36
    I have attached two pictures. One of them is a close up of one goromo which i thought was kinda nice but then again, I might be wrong. Would appreciate your comments on it. It is selling for around RM 1,100. Is it worth it?

  • WanWan December 2013
    Posts: 16
    Pretty steep. Where is this place?
  • idrisidris December 2013
    Posts: 1,182
    bro eugene.. after 2 short years with this hobby, i realize price is quite subjective..at last it will go back on your objective for this koi...

  • pandaipandai December 2013
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    Bro @eugene,

    I'm no expert but please just allow me to offer my newbie opinion on this particular piece;

    It's hard to comment on the body at this size and age but in general body looks okay proportion wise and also on the length and head size. No deformities noticed. Body-sifus may be able to comment further. On the quality of the "goromo", they are quite good at this age - even and thick and proper "robbing" on most part.

    The only part that doesn't really attract me is the pattern (Okay, I'm a pattern man, so what...). For me, a nice goromo needs shiroji to emphasize the goromo part. Normally goromo has nice white and clean shirojis so a balance between shiroji and goromo ("balance" doesn't mean same amount but enough to be as a backdrop for the goromo part) will be better.

    Would I get this piece? Well, maybe; but not at this price. Although the maruten part makes this fish interesting, the overall pattern still bothers me as I worry they might consolidate to become one big step. The last step before the tail part also has lees robbing on it and may look worse as the fish grow bigger.
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  • eugeneeugene December 2013
    Posts: 36
    Thanks all for your comments/advice. Being a relatively newbie myself and with this (goromo) being a relatively uncommon koi type, I had no idea what to look for in a goromo.
    Thank God I didn't bite the bullet and buy it! :)

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