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    Dear Fellow Hobbyists

    ZNA Malaysia was formed 13 years ago by a group of hobbyist and applied to be a affiliate of Zen Nippon Arinkai, Japan.
    In the early days without the internet the club and its member's sharing was the source of koi keepingknowkedge. Of course it goes without saying, the friendship that is fostered.

    With the advent of the internet, almost anything you want to know about koi is at your fingertips. So here lies the challenge for clubs like ZNA to stay relevant. But then again can anything beat interaction on a physical & personal level? I think the answer is foregone. Perhaps one big draw is the desire to belong to a grouping of like minded people..like being a member of a tribe.. :-D

    One benefit of the ZNA fraternity is the international affilation. Each year members from various chapters are invited to attend and judge each others shows. Often we are invited into the homes of the host country's members. Friendships are made all over the world and in recent years M'sian ZNA members have travelled to Europe, Australia besides all koi keeping nations in Asia. In the offing are trips to the US and South Africa.

    As a club, ZNA Mslaysia hope to continue to promote the hobby within and beyond our shores.

    In 2013 a new committee has been elected and we have taken steps to be more inclusive. As a 1st step we have:

    (1) Reduce the membership from RM 120 to RM50 per annum. Abolished the joining fee of RM100.

    (2) To reward hobbyists who join, we shall give away to 6 lucky membership applicants a 1year subscription to Nichirin Magazine english edition (12 monthly) worth ¥14,000 delivered to your home. All you pay is the RM50 membership fee. (This offer is valid for the 1st 6 successful applicants)

    So be the first to get this fantastic offer! Send your enquiry to club_koi@yahoo.com (Subject: membership application) Indicate your name & telephone contact No. We shall revert to you with an application form.

    TQ very much and we look forward to welcome.you to ZNA Malaysia.

    Sample of Nichirin Magazine
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    We are pleased to announce the 1st 6 membership applications qualifying for the Free Nichirin Magazine as follows:

    1. Mohd Shukri
    2. Elmen Tan
    3. Capt Borman
    4. Felix Chuan
    5. Daniel Chew
    6. Raymond Sung

  • gerrygerry August 2013
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    Ala... cepatnya the first 6 applicants.... I just read this.... haiz.... :-( :-(
  • andysiaandysia August 2013
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    siapa cepat dia dapat ... maybe can share share after reading the magazine??? :-D
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    Dear hobbyists,
    You are most welcome to apply to be a member but we are sorry we only have 6 free subscription to give and these are already spoken for. However you will be able to subscribe to the magazine directly to ZNA japan.

    We hope this will not stop you from applying to be a member as the club will have many other activities organised for our members. Members will also get a discount for koi entry fees during shows.

    With regards to the magazine, the committee members will be more than happy to lend them to members.

    TQ n Best Rgds

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