• kenken July 2013
    Posts: 1
    I'm getting these dimples coming up on the back fin of my fish looks just like when we get a spot it has a pure white head on it after a
    Few days to a week it breaks out to two spots then the white head seems to get longer then the whole thing gets bigger redder also 3of my fish mouths have got very sore and skin looks like its just being eaton away or just rotting away if any advice it should be most greatful many thanks KEN
  • puathiantatpuathiantat July 2013
    Posts: 127
    picture ?
  • TanSriTanSri August 2013
    Posts: 20
    try scrap it off using a scrapper if it is starting to occur. I instruct my coolie to scrap with his nail and isolate the fish for treatment.
    Post edited by TanSri at 2013-08-08 10:12:43 pm
  • ghyeapghyeap September 2013
    Posts: 8
    This are not parasite but bacterial attack. DO NOT SCRAP IT! By scrapping, you are creating a bigger opening for the bacteria to spread and multiply. This slimy bacterial loaded wound can be clean up within 4 days using good strong probiotics i.e. enzymes. You can either contact Yamakoshi Mura or for further advice, email me at ghyeap2u@gmail.com
    Post edited by ghyeap at 2013-09-26 10:04:55 pm

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