Is sunlight a necessity
  • paksengpakseng July 2013
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    Given ideal water parameters, is sunlight an added necessity for the longevity of kois or does it enhance its optimal development?
  • MfwleeMfwlee July 2013
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    Not claiming that I am qualified to answer the question but I would like to share an experience.
    I bought a pair of Kin Ki Utsuris about a year ago - and one started to grow a bit larger than the other. Generally they both still looked the same.
    I then put the larger one in my small pond ( about 1 hour direct sun per day and 5 feet deep ) and kept the smaller one in its Fiber Glass growing on tank ( about 3 hours direct sun per day and only about 2 1/2 feet deep )
    The one with less direct sun now has less of a sparkle while the one with more direct sun has a very nice metallic sheen.
    In enhancing optimal development, maybe some varieties will respond to direct sunlight better than the others ?
    Don't know about longevity or long term effects though.
    Mike Lee
  • TomyCTomyC July 2013
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    Yes. Sunlight is vital to good skin. Most living things require sunlight for healthy living.
    Have a look at the koi in Singapore's Changi Airport terminals. Dull skin due to very limited sunlight.

    Some form of good artificial lighting might help. Like metal halide.
  • HDCuHDCu July 2013
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    In one our the japanese koi dealers here all his ponds are setup indoor with some ponds have access to more sunlight thru the use of transluscent roofing. Those kois placed in ponds where there are less sunlight penetration have duller colors as compared to those placed in ponds with some sunlight penetration. All kois regardless of where is placed are fed the same food and that includes spirulina.
  • lautslauts July 2013
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    Since we enjoy koi based on surface colour , sunlight is crucial to this aim. I took home some tosai recently including karashis and placed in QT out from sunlight. The colour on the karashis faded to light pink from wasabi green and mustard yellow in just less than 2 weeks. Vit D like in human perhaps :/

  • ZackZack July 2013
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    This is an excerpt from the book 'Nishikigoi Mondo''

    Expression of color is also related to the nerve & sensory system. Nishikigoi are especially sensitive to light stimulation which can changed their colors.

    From here we can deduce that a certain degree of sunlight is needed. Need expertise in this area to discuss further.
    My kois are my lover
  • paksengpakseng July 2013
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    Hi bros.. thanks for the comments, observations and experience but I guess the downside to sunlight is the water temperature unless chillers and showers etc must be there to mitigate. I guess the vit D effect cannot be ignored for good bone formation also. Net net sunlight is essential in the kois' optimal development. Cheers.

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