What types of pond and food is required for koi fish ?
  • smith21smith21 June 2013
    Posts: 3
    Hii frnds,
    I am unknown to koi habitant and i want to have koi fish pond so i need some suggestion can you all help .............
  • grinkz01grinkz01 June 2013
    Posts: 530
    hi bro smith21...welcome to koianswers.com....where d u live? do u plan to have indoor / outdoor pond?
  • smith21smith21 July 2013
    Posts: 3
    hello bro grinkz01......
    I am from Milton Keynes... i have plan for indoor pound.
    do you have some good suggestion relatedto this.
  • grinkz01grinkz01 July 2013
    Posts: 530
    1) pls specify ur available land. suggest to build as big as u can. typical depth is 1 - 1.8mtr and u can select between regular shape (box/circle) or build irregular like japan garden pond. but personally i prefer box type for easier maintenance and maximize space.

    2) ur filter design. typical 30% filter volume (vs pond volume size) is suggested. bigger filter is always better.

    3) pls have a look

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