Stretched beni in a koi. Recoverable?
  • eugeneeugene June 2013
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    Hi all, has anyone ever overfed their kois till their beni stretched? For those who have what did you do to "recover" the beni other than the most obvious step of lessening the feed amount? Is it a irrecoverable error? In my haste to fatten and lengthen and strengthen my kois I may have gone overboard with my feeding!
  • ShukriShukri June 2013
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    The phenomena has happened to a few of us for sure. It really depends on how severe is the Beni stretch. In severe cases, the Beni do not come back to ORI Beni at all. What I do normally is to increase color food feeding, and lessen or stop growth food for a while, until the Beni recovers............. With good bloodline, the Beni is some what dialed in even though in heavy feeding situation.
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  • koiBoykoiBoy June 2013
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    Hi bro, yes I have experienced scratched off beni on one Kohaku(+-15cm) and one Showa(+-43cm). Both were that roughly that size when the beni got scratched. I did not slow down feeding or anything, everything as per normal. The Kohaku grew the beni on the head much faster than the Showa. It really depends on individual fish, and how deep the cut is. Most of the tancho that I see after cutting the beni to a rounder shape did not grow back to original. So it really depends on your situation of the fish. Maybe you can post picture of the scratched beni to have a look?

  • eugeneeugene June 2013
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    Hi abang Shukri I currently feed my fish with a mixture of Sakai Hi Growth and Sakai sinking wheat germ. I'm feeding around 50% of each at the moment. I guess I'm too excited and want my tossais to catch up with the bigger boys! One of my kohakus has badly smeared beni so I do not want this to happen to my new inazuma! Should I dial down the hi-growth and feed the Sakai wheatgerm as the main staple?

    Xavier I don't have a pic - the iPhone can't really track fish that well. Let's see if I can catch my inazuma.
  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2013
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    Hi Eugene,
    When tossai is growing, colour food is very much needed. We much remember that most colour food contained more protien than the wheat germ. Stretch beni is very common in tossai as it grows fast. It also can stretch/fade due to the stress when water parameters changed from breeder to dealer and your pond.

    So the best way is watch and see. For tossai gosanke, you need around 30% colour food as normal feeding. The percentage should go up even up to 100% for a peroid of time if the beni stretch or fading fast. Try not to overfeed your tossai.
  • eugeneeugene June 2013
    Posts: 36
    Hi all,

    I'm afraid of feeding too much colour food as I have a couple of Shiros in my koi mix. One of them already exhibiting "random red spots" all over the body. But...i guess for the sake of the rest I should feed colour food.

    I've attached two photos of my kohaku - Is this first of all an example of beni stretching and secondly, can this be reversed?

    Thanks in advance.

  • etanoetano June 2013
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    My 2cents on stretched beni...

    Stretched beni due fast growth can definitely recovered, just need to slow down the feeding (sometimes no feeding for 2 weeks) and top notch water quality. It will strengthen in 2-3 months time.

    If beni is loss completely/thinning due to stress and disease, it will be more difficult. This is common when fishes just arrived from Japan. But I have some success stories of beni recovery between 6-12 months under top notch water quality.

    Eugene, if you are referring the sashi at the last step of the kohaku, then I think chances are slim that it will consolidate. Sashi is usually linked to the quality of the fish's beni and bloodline. ~ A new koi blog.
  • ShukriShukri June 2013
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    BTW, the Beni of my Kin Showa is recovering nicely after that initial loss due to illness. The fish is fine now........
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