My first win best in size in 4TH NHA koi show 2013.
  • koi888koi888 June 2013
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    All comments welcome...
    Grin Kohaku...
  • koi888koi888 June 2013
    Posts: 131

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  • jaysonjayson June 2013
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    unique pattern, love it
  • lautslauts June 2013
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    Not good idea to let koi struggle in a net like that. Very easy to break a pectoral, lose a few scales and causes lots of damage on the stomach bottom and ventral fins. Better to bowl into tub or at least use a bowling net with fine mesh, for better video taking. Nice kohaku , take good care of it.

  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar June 2013
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    Congrat Bro =D>
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  • pohbengpohbeng June 2013
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    Congrats Bro....more prizes coming for this koi! :-D =D>
  • Ivanlo24Ivanlo24 June 2013
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    Congrats Bro....very good fish!!!!
  • smokersmoker June 2013
    Posts: 715
    Congrats Bro, nice ginrin kohaku. awesome pattern (Y)

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