Showa from Maruyama
  • wasabi8888wasabi8888 May 2013
    Posts: 42
    Hi all

    Just wanted to show my recent showa. Comments are welcome. Female, 44cm.

  • sleepymansleepyman May 2013
    Posts: 102
    Congrats on your maiden win at NHA.

  • wasabi8888wasabi8888 May 2013
    Posts: 42
  • ShukriShukri May 2013
    Posts: 4,881
    Nice Showa........
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  • Ivanlo24Ivanlo24 May 2013
    Posts: 133
    Congrats bro. I think when the sumi comes out more, this fish will be even nicer
  • lautslauts May 2013
    Posts: 1,248
    Very nice showa, strong body and tail. Looks more a future fish as the tails section looks a bit bare compared to mid and shoulder section. When the sumi starts filling in the tail/odome section, this showa will be a beauty. Also the head is very yellow, probably due to colour feed.

  • kominatokominato May 2013
    Posts: 408
    Wow. Majestic and graceful bro
  • smokersmoker May 2013
    Posts: 715
    Very nice showa, will be more gorgeous when the sumi comes out and consolidate.
    :) (Y)

    Looking at some maruyamas, it seems to me that maruyama has their own character of body.
  • wasabi8888wasabi8888 May 2013
    Posts: 42
    Thanks all for the compliments/comments.

    The tail section is indeed a little bare now but sumi is coming up. Anyway, it's only 11 months old and have time to realise it's full potential

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