What's Growing On The Head
  • khongkhong April 2013
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    Hi all,

    This morning my wife sent me a photo and mentioned that "something" is growing on the head of my Matsuba as shown in the photo. (sorry for the unclear photo)

    Any idea what is the whitish thing? I spent some time to look at the kois yesterday evening and didn't see it. Looks like it grows over the night!

    p/s will take a clearer photo when I go back home

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  • jkjackyongjkjackyong April 2013
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    Bro Khong,

    You can add salt to 0.6, Mean 1 ton of water 6kg salt, you can add [ Dimilin one ton of water 1g ] After 3 to 4 days add Dimilin agains, Same, One ton water 1g. Stoping feeding before is better to treat.

    Need to treat fast, if too many fish will die.

    Dont worry very easy to treat. Good Luck ;-)
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  • khongkhong April 2013
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    Thank you
  • ray2kray2k April 2013
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    This is a parasite? What is it? I thought Dimilin is for parasites. Sorry, I want to learn. I have a fish with similar thing but it seems to be doing ok.
  • khongkhong April 2013
    Posts: 144
    I checked the fish yesterday evening, the whitish things no longer there and the fish is okay.
  • stevenong1919stevenong1919 April 2013
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    Caused by Ichthyopthirius multifiliis. The white spots on the skin, gills and fins are individual protozoan cells that are under the skin and feed on the body fluids and cells. They then punch out of the skin and fall to the bottom of the pond, collect together and begin breeding, the offspring then re-invest the fish.

  • ray2kray2k April 2013
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    Wow! Thanx a lot. Must kill the parasites then. Thanks.
  • MikeMike April 2013
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    Hi Khong,

    Had this kind of fungus on my soragoi awhile back, rising the salinity helps plus pp wipe the area. (Diluted PP)

    Bear in mind that it will come back and so far I there is not way to treat it for good.
  • khongkhong April 2013
    Posts: 144
    Thanks all for advice.
  • ShukriShukri April 2013
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    One of these days, I will take a swab and see it under the microscope, to confirm whether it is a parasite infection or fungus. Normally I will Mythelene Blue my pond and the problem will be gone, but some how the problem will come back on the same fish. Nowadays since I chill my pond, no more of such problem.
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