Koi Swim Bladder Disease? Need urgent help!
  • JSCJSC March 2013
    Posts: 109
    Hi Bro and Sifu, my kohaku is having red veins and cannot swim properly. It keep struggling to maintain balance and rolling in all directions. The koi jumped the pond 2 months ago and since then its body is slightly bend. It seem recovering but the last 2 days it seems the condition had gone worst. I had tried short bath with Kenkona twice but no improvement. Any bros or Sifu have advise on how I could help my kohaku. It is sansei and about 60cm long. Thank you very much in advanced for your help...
  • puathiantatpuathiantat March 2013
    Posts: 127
    hi bro JSC , although I'm still new in this hobbies =.="
    after reading ur cases it seen most likely the problem is ur koi already damage it's spinal d 8-x which mean most likely it won't heal X_X so sorry 'bout that ...
  • MfwleeMfwlee March 2013
    Posts: 355
    If it is the only poor fella like this in your pond - then I get the same horrible feeling as puathiantat. Just make sure that your water is AOK, and that you prevent the incident from happening again.
    On the other hand, there have also been instances of koi who have made remarkable recoveries. Keep the fella in a shallow, well aerated QT with 0.2% - 0.3% salt solution, change the water every day. and hope for the best ?
    Mike Lee
  • HWONGHWONG March 2013
    Posts: 286
    There was a thread about koi body bending during thunderstorm. The general consensus was it is likely due to lack of oxygen.

    The bending may be due to neuro or muscular disorder. I can only suggest that you treat it a FT like I did for my chagoi with open mouth. Exposing the FT to some sun will raise the water temp, add 0.02 salt (2kg to 1 Ton water). Aerate aggressively. Do daily water change. Hopefully the heat will sooth the nerve & or muscles.
  • JSCJSC March 2013
    Posts: 109
    Hi Bros, thanks for your good and helpful advise. I had decided to leave the koi in the main pond and not using a FT as I have difficulty maintaining the water quality of small FT I have. Besides, the koi looks more stressed when I placed it in the small FT. I PP my main pond 2 days ago and the Kohaku seems to settle down with minimum flashing and rolling. It can swim around now but body still bend. Hopefully, it will recover eventually.

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