New catch goshiki from yoshikoi farm
  • koi888koi888 November 2012
    Posts: 131
    All comments welcome.
    Post edited by Shukri at 2012-11-27 08:23:48 am
  • koi888koi888 November 2012
    Posts: 131
    All comments welcome..
  • jkjackyongjkjackyong November 2012
    Posts: 757
    Bro koi888,

    Just let me share with you about this goshiki , For japan level about show quality goshiki , now beni cannot have netting on it , Yours goshiki very good quality , head very clean beni , just body has some sumi netting . If you enter singapore young koi show this week end, My thinking of yours goshiki , sure can win you good prize , hope for the best (Y)

  • grinkz01grinkz01 November 2012
    Posts: 530
    bro koi888....your goshiki is good....just need more bulk body to enter it in 45-50bu class and make it speaks loud, but as Jacky suggested, you can try your chance by entering into Singapore koi show...
  • dennis68dennis68 November 2012
    Posts: 69
    Bro how much u bought ?
  • ashfaqashfaq November 2012
    Posts: 799
    Ashfaq from India-Chennai
  • koi888koi888 November 2012
    Posts: 131
    Thank you Bro Jacky (Master/Sifu) n bro Grinkz01
    goods comment .will see how she perform coming show..

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