Ginrin Hi Showa
  • goldrushgoldrush September 2012
    Posts: 11
    Hi all this is my maiden post at koianswers and let me share with you my video production of my ginrin hi showa which I should say that deviates from the norm as most would be die-hard gosanke hobbyists ;-)

  • ShukriShukri September 2012
    Posts: 4,881
    Welcome to the Forum and thank you for sharing..........
    In Koianswers Forum, no one individual is above the rest. This is the Forum for the Koi Community.
  • RonnieRonnie September 2012
    Posts: 107
    welcome bro goldrush...i think i have a ginrin hi showa...not too sure... :-))
  • kwchankwchan September 2012
    Posts: 131
    Very impressive grow with unique pattern, but personally still prefer the normal type of sanshoku showa pattern.
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  • spencertanspencertan September 2012
    Posts: 227
    Welcome to the forum bro......:)

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