Where to buy fd pellet
  • dennischen11dennischen11 June 2012
    Posts: 3
    Just wonder where can I buy fd pellet ? I've been searching around klang valley area.
  • jamiltjamilt July 2012
    Posts: 287
    u can ge it at max koi farm singapore. email first to check if they have stock.
  • pandaipandai July 2012
    Posts: 1,083
    Bro dennischen, I thought I saw it at Atarikoi, Taman Desa.
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  • jamiltjamilt July 2012
    Posts: 287
    i heard those their last stock, no more primo plus sinking or floating at tmn desa or tropicana. pls update if anyone know if the dealer decided to continue to bring in fd again to malaya
  • DRADRA July 2012
    Posts: 89
    A reliable source is Lim Ching Chern (012 7083703) of JB. Upon full payment he will have it couriered to your house. I have bought FD from him this way though not in the last 6 months.
    Dato Razif
  • jamiltjamilt July 2012
    Posts: 287
    thanks Dato
  • AnuarAnuar July 2012
    Posts: 688

    I think Dato is referring to fdkoifood.com from JB. I used to buy from him (good efficient service via poslaju) also but dont think he is still distributing as the website is down.

    Good luck.
  • CCLimCCLim September 2014
    Posts: 11
    Hi friends,
    We at AquaGold Park are bringing in FD Food in large quantity to reduce the cost. Call 0175373815 for more info.
  • CCLimCCLim September 2014
    Posts: 11
    FD.jpg 96K

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