Floating pond skimmer or protein fractionator?
  • pandaipandai March 2012
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    Hi all,

    My pond has almost no floating leaves or anything big but I'm trying to get rid of fine floating debris (and sometimes, floating koi poop) and hopefully get rid of DOC as well that's causing slight foaming on the surface (I say "slight" because they only appear right after feeding and after I have not done water change for a while) but more of getting rid of fine floating debris which is not pleasant to the eyes - and of course just to try to further improve the water quality since I have no other improvements I could think of anymore!

    I have been researching around the internet and thinking of getting the Oase SwimSkim 25. It received quite a number of good reviews but I was wondering if any of you guys have had experience using it? At the same time, should I also consider foam fractionator? They look a bit bulkier and I couldn't find a complete unit for sale around the places I normally go to. Could I seek you advice on the following:

    1. To use surface skimmer or foam fractionator
    2. For any of the above, your recommended brand, type and model and also price and of course also, where I could find them in KL.

    For info, my pond is a compact concrete 5 ton pond with 4' depth.

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  • ikankoikauikankoikau March 2012
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    Bro Pandai,
    i think not many hobbyist in KL use foam fractionator. But having effective surface skimmer is important to ensure good water clarity. Beside settlement chamber, water surface is another area which collect debris and oil easily. Without effective surface skimmer, it will continously circulate within the pond. Having surface skimmer that allow the water to be channeled directly into public drain will certainly helps as it get rid these waste permanently from the system.

    Small floating debris(surface and within) can also present due to filtration system. Your mat could be due for massive cleaning. The pond turn over rate could be too slow. Or the system is unable to trap it effectively. Refresh Powder can help clamping these debris together and remove it by carry out partial water change after 2 to 3 days later. DOC will certainly be reduced.

    Honestly I have not used foam fractionator before so I can't really recommend any specific brand. Maybe other hobbyist can provide input on this.
  • pandaipandai March 2012
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    Thanks bro,

    Totally agree with you on the foam fractionator (FF) - have not seen one in action except on YouTube and some overseas forum! On the skimmer, yes, I already have been using my overflow for that purpose. It goes out straight to external drain so whenever I want it to skim I just turn on the water supply tap and let the pond overflow.

    My turnover rate I think is sufficient but you may be right that my mats need cleaning. They are not easily accessible due to my "compact" design (the bakki shower sits on top of that chamber!) so I only clean them during major maintenance. I did use the Refresh Powder that you show me last weekend and it seems to help. Thanks for the valuable advice!

    To others; any advice on skimmers i.e. floating, standing or built in? Anyone uses Oase SwimSkim 25 before? Thanks.
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  • cookcpucookcpu March 2012
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    I have a clarity foam fractionator install so far so good. You can check my posting of my pond in this forum. Not sure where you can get it in MY.

    FF is to reduce DOC whereas skimmer is to remove surface dirt...etc.
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