Koi Sleeping Disease Cure
  • ashfaqashfaq March 2012
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    For Koi Sleeping disease, this is the Best solution for all.

    I am happy with this treatment as it cured 100%[ 90 of my small tosais ] which i imported, sleeping disease got triggered due to sudden climate,temperature and Water change, ofcourse internal parasites. All my fishes are up to normal mode in just 2 days..

    This is the TIP from many hobbyist from Europe,Holland,indonesia,singapore and Japan, including breeder Torazo san to me except point #4 given by a scientist friend who do research in India on Fish disease cure.

    Steps which i took for the treatment...

    1. First changed entire water in the FGT tank
    2. Applied internal parasite solution[ 1 time only]
    3. I have applied 0.7% salt in my FGT tank and heated the water in the tank to 30-32 Degrees. Maintained 0.7% salt for 4 days.
    4. I have been asked to feed garlic paste 85% mix with small pallets 15% to feed slightly after 2nd day of treatment daily, garlic treatment helps koi to fight immune system when its down, my friend said more on this, but i cant remember it :( , will check again update the same here soon.

    5. Do not change single drop of water until they get cured
    6. once cured slowly decrees the temperature to your water temperature.
    Ashfaq from India-Chennai
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  • MikeMike March 2012
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    Any recommended brand of medication for point No 2 ?

    I have encounter sleeping / parking syndrome once when I introduce some newbie. Got it fixed by salting to 0.5 and daily water change of 15%-20% daily without any other medication and viola, solve in three day. Maybe Im lucky ...
  • ashfaqashfaq March 2012
    Posts: 799
    Torazo San suggested me to use medicine named "Palazan D", but i am unable to find this medicine here in India, hence I used Parasitic - FW Anti parasitic tropical medicines which is available in India.

    Previously with out knowing this, i just added salt and left it and also did water changes, all my tosais died except 2 kois

    Brother Mike,
    What is your pond temerature there?
    Ashfaq from India-Chennai
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  • MikeMike March 2012
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    Thanks for the info.My pond if fully indoor and the temperature range from 28 - 29c.
    If I switch on the living room air-conditioner and fan the pond temp is 27-28c.
  • NeliNeli March 2012
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    I dont have Koi medication, but I found somewhere on the internet ( http://www.koiquest.co.uk/Telmin.htm.) by Duncan Griffith that mebendazole ( human and animal anthelmintics medication) can be given to Koi for internal worms of all types, and flagyl ( metronidazole) ( for humans) for some internal parasites and flukes...Both are tablets and can be given as a ones off dose repeated after 2-3 weeks in the food.
    It is much simpler than treating the whole pond...I dont think flukes will be cured 100% though, but it will help to eliminate them .
    U have seen on FB how and with what I treat my koi and the results...and U have seen that my house is now a treatment center for Koi of friends too.
    I operate on them, stitch, inject ....all free of charge, and have not lost a koi yet.
    The vet looked at me as if I am mad when I told him that I need him to treat my Koi...so I am the only one here that had to learn and do it.
    Funny but a fact.
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