Preparing Pond For New Fish
  • KevinKevin December 2011
    Posts: 73

    We have touched alot on quarantine and it's importance and I think the point is clear. Would you kindly now share with us how you prepare the pond itself for new fish once the fish has been quarantined. I've heard of how new fish can cause stress etc to the existing pond occupants. Please advise what your normal practice is. Tq!

  • weihanweihan December 2011
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    Hi Kevin, adding salt to 0.3 and stop feeding for two days will be good.
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  • ShukriShukri December 2011
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    If the quarantine is fine then you need not worry about introducing the fishes to the pond.
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  • KaajKaaj December 2011
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    PP the fish prior to putting into pond. After that if there is flashing, use MG for 2 days.
  • boykoiboykoi December 2011
    Posts: 186
    i had my pond running for just 2 weeks now.I salted the pond to 0.3% after a week since i saw some fish jumping and flashing due to heavy rains this week. Havent gotten any oysters for buffer yet. Can salting the pond at 0.5% solve the jumping and flashing?i havent tried salt beyond 0.3% and i have read here at this forum that salting at 0.5% solves bacterial problems that results to kois jumping and flashing. Im pretty sure its bacterial due to stress or perhaps chloramines.pls help!
  • KevinKevin December 2011
    Posts: 73
    Boykoi test your ph level. If the fish are jumping because ph is low then salt won't help. Do a water change and get ur buffer soon as you can.
  • KaajKaaj December 2011
    Posts: 376
    water change....yes...maybe 15-20%....and then MG your pond 2 nights in a row.

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