S1 Medication.
  • boxtorboxtor September 2011
    Posts: 8
    I am new with Koi and want to learn from the bros here.
    I notice a lot of mentioned about S1. What is this medication? What Brand? Where to purchase?
    Pls advise.
  • tomatomoontomatomoon September 2011
    Posts: 97
    Bro, S1 are a green color medication. You can get it from all koi dealer.May be you have better picture after read on below link.
  • weihanweihan September 2011
    Posts: 318
    S1 is like panadol for fish, uses when fish in under QT. Available on most of the awauarium shops out there
  • ShukriShukri September 2011
    Posts: 4,881
    S1 is a disinfection mainly acriflavin plus others. Good for koi and pond maintenance and disease prevention.
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  • boxtorboxtor September 2011
    Posts: 8
    Does anyone has a pic of how it looks like?
  • DanleeDanlee September 2011
    Posts: 694
    Bro Boxtor,

    Here you go....

    S1.JPG 100K
  • boxtorboxtor October 2011
    Posts: 8
    Hi bro Danlee,
    Got it!! Thank you so much.
  • amil76amil76 November 2011
    Posts: 4
    How much per bottle and the dosage?

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