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  • YamatoYamato July 2011
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    I correspond with a veteran Koi breeder in the UK and this is the PM he recently send me.
    I thought U might like to try it since U like bulking your Koi.

    I don't use any uv light at all as i feel it kills to much of natural bacteria that kills algae and the dreaded Blanket weed -hair algae so i use a old method used back as far as the Romans = barley as a feed boiled pearl barley mixed with clay -a good grade like refresh from japan this helps keep alage down and gives your koi good skin and healthy scales and bones ,I also add a little honey and this keeps good colour in your koi and what ever you want to add to it as a food = like silkworm pupae and blood worm and orange segments for vitamin

    Hope it is good and it helps U.
  • yysim88yysim88 July 2011
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    Hi Sis Neli,

    Thanks for sharing the info. I know Bro Kelvin Bay of Singapore does feed his koi some barley.

    I add refresh powder and other form of clay to my pond on a regular basis and according to Bro Paul, it will help to remove the phosphate through flushing the next day. Phosphate is one of the food ingredients for algae and in that way, algae growth would be under control. The other way of reducing phosphate content in the pond is to reduce feeding and changing more water.

    I do feed silkworm pupae to the koi once in a blue moon. Still got about 2-3 kg of them but getting a little lazy cos got to dip them in boiled water for 1/2 an hour before feeding. But it can only be fed as a supplement and not as a staple food.
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  • StevieStevie July 2011
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    Just my opinion. Isn't algae good and keep water in balance? We know algae consume nitrate via assimilation and acts as nature in filtration or rather part of the nature nitrogen cycle. Due to the algae that grows on the pond wall I need no UV lamp to be swtiched on to keep the green floating algae in check. Like bacteria when you have one type of algae takes dominance you have all other algae in check.
  • YamatoYamato July 2011
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    Yes Stevie,
    some algae forms are good for Koi especially young ones.But do not mix green water (good one made from plankton) with green algae water. And the dreaded hair like algae can increase the PH which for me is not good.Also I want to see my fish.
    I want to copy some of his Emails to me, maybe some thing can help You, since I am more of amateur Koi keeper compared to U. His mail to me is vary scrambled but I hope U will get it.
  • YamatoYamato July 2011
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    the Problems you say you have sound like water quality problems and secondery infections ! which can lead to ulcers and then can get out of hand ! so do as you are doing and keep on top of things which it sounds like you are ,a microscope is a bit of kit you will need as a koi keeper and these can be picked up cheaply ,but it all depends on whats needed a pro one can cost alot but well worth it as it is a good thing to know what you are up against and things like gill fluke for example speed is of the essance as the quicker it is delt with the more fish will saved ,its a nasty egg lying parasite and will sit all over the fish body just like skin fluke but eats the gills also as well as skin ,under the microscope it looks like a skin fluke but with (Dactylogyrus) the gill fluke will have 4 black dots at the top of the body under the microscope !
    A very nasty parasite because if you don't see it unless you know what to look for ,most fish will show signs of listless behavior swimming on one side tilted also head behavior shaking from side to side as they try to shake the parasite off but alass canont as they have hooks which keep them firmly attached !
    this is a egg laying parasite and has a two week cycle and eggs are impervious to any chemical so larve can only be killed and adults by chemical treatment ,its quite devisating and can wipe a pond out in weeks if not treated quickly as gill damage can be very bad !its treated with Flubendazole ,but I use from the vet Flagyl or better known as Metronidazole which is in tablet form 500mg this is then put in a i liter ice cream tub and dissolved in 250mls of water which is boiled first in a kettle then 4 codiver gelatine capsuluses are disovlved in the tub also and a teaspoon of honey then dry pellets or food added and mixed then when cool put in freezer and then taken out in small portions and fed for 14 days so 14 portions if your food is a home made paste just cut into 14 same size portions and fed every day ! .
    when the fish eat this it kills the attached gill fluke and skin fluke and stops any infection caused by the wounds of the flukes so it has a double benifit also add a water treatment to kill the larve so all signs are killed quickly !
    this treatment works and tablets here for 14 days are 50p each so cheap as well this worked for me and you should have no problem in getting them from a vet ! but get it checked out first but this could treatment could also be goof for your secondary infections you have breaking out on your fish and get a scrape to see if you have gill flukes first ! .
    My guess if you have not lost any fish you have not got it ! Its your high Ph and build up on No2 causing flashing ,look in the gills of one of your fish they should be nice and deep red ! if pink or white you have a gill problem if brown red its no2 poisening due to
  • kelvinbaykelvinbay July 2011
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    Hi, I do feed Barley to my koi on a regular basis, 1-2 times a week. What I did is I will boil the barley and ensure that they are not over boiled. I will then scoop up the barley grains for the fishes before adding sugar to the barley water. This way, my family get to enjoy the barley water while the fishes get to eat the grains. My fishes simply enjoy then barley grains and hardly any grains would hit the pond bottom as they will all be eagerly snapped up.

    If am not wrong, barley do contain a high percentage of vegetables protein which I read in some old posts that is good for fishes. I do notice my fishes do seems to bulk better & most develop a nice little hump after I started feeding them barley. Frankly, I do not know if there's any negative effect on my fishes but I have been doing this for the last 2-3 years and I did not see any fishes develop a "tummy" or anything like that. Btw, the other staple diet I gave my fishes are Sakai Wheatgerm & Marubeni Growth, both sinking pellets.

    Just sharing my experience and am by no means promoting the feeding barley to your fishes :)
  • YamatoYamato July 2011
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  • YamatoYamato July 2011
    Posts: 184
    Have U heard of any thing like feeding your bio filter with natural yogurt, to help clear the muck in it, improve bacteria activity and very good too for starting a new filter.
    I was just emailed advise and recipe for that.

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