Old koi died, New koi died
  • kecikkoikecikkoi November 2011
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    Hi need some help here. I have a small tank about2.5x3 feet with 10 kois averaging 5" and one 8" for more than a year+. A month ago all but the biggest died suddenly in span of 2 days. I have 2 filters 1000 lt/hr with 15% water change every 3 days. Now with 1 koi and after almost 100% water change in 1 week i put in 2 small kois but they too died in 4 days. Again after another 100% water change i introduce another 2 more kois a week later and again died in 4 days. But that single koi stay healthy all this while. Each of the dead koi did not show any sign of disease eg all have clear bright eyes, not a single sign of body infection, none gulping for air etc. Almost all cases, kois ate happily in the morning and die in the evening or day after. I have even changed the fish food after the first death. Appreciate reply. Now i left with 1 lone koi.
  • ashfaqashfaq November 2011
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    The same things happens with my Gold fishes, later a day they developed POX and died.
    Solution not known, hope some sifus may answer
    Ashfaq from India-Chennai
  • ikankoikauikankoikau November 2011
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    Bro kecikkoi,
    Check the water parameter including the PH and chlorine. Normally if a few kois died at one time, water is the culprit. Maybe your stand alone koi is already used to the water parameter but not the new ones. Make sure you provide sufficient aeration to your tank. Dont start feeding for at least 5 days after inroducing new koi. Carry out full quarantine procedure will be good. Dont overstock the tank.

    Good luck bro.
  • NeliNeli November 2011
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    Too many Koi for that volume of water...How big is your filter?
    I agree... most probably water parameters...
    Eliminate that cause first, before We think of diseases...
  • kecikkoikecikkoi November 2011
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    Many thanks for the advise. Both are eheim external filters. Will get the test kit for the water parameter.

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