What Type of Algae Is This Photo?
  • khongkhong November 2011
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    Hi All,

    May I know what type of this algae shown in the attached photo? At about 4 weeks ago, I had lots of this algae in my pond for few days. Then it disappeared after I changed 30% of the pond water.

    Since then, I changed 5 to 10% of water on daily basis and I enjoyed clear water for about 3 weeks, then this algae come back again few days ago. Any idea what is the reason trigger the growth of this algae? I remember when it happend last month, there was few days of continuous rain, and there was few days of rain since last week, before this algae growth again. Could it be the rain which promotes the growth of this algae. My pond is not covered and it is under direct sun light from 10am to 3pm.
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  • ChengAunChengAun November 2011
    Posts: 925
    That is known as hair algae. Well known to clog up BD's and filters
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  • lautslauts November 2011
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    Suggest you incorporate a screen filter at first chamber while the algae issue gets sorted out. Contributing factors to algae growth are too much sun, water rich in nitrate/phosphate as well as water flow. Do you have potted plants nearby the pond? The soil and fertilizer from this run off could have caused this .


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