• PatrickChongPatrickChong October 2010
    Posts: 215
    "By all means, be sure to get a new yearling this year's" meet the expectations of everybody that
    150 tails to 2010 yearling selection of well-known producers nationwide.

    Pictures of carp on the scales of light, by all means, please visit the links below.


  • AndySittAndySitt October 2010
    Posts: 560
    wah... so fast reach home and already posting more koi info.. Narita fishes are excellent... Very good man,,
  • BenjaminGohBenjaminGoh October 2010
    Posts: 419
    Which fish you want to bid? :P

    Wahh.. Taniguichi 1024-029.
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  • AndySittAndySitt October 2010
    Posts: 560
    you should tell me which to bid mah... many good stuff leh.. I doubt its cheap but will try to get a few unique stuff.. Ginrin goshiki is nice too.. This is quality..

  • koifankoifan October 2010
    Posts: 59
    How to bid ah? Thru KDF?
  • AndySittAndySitt October 2010
    Posts: 560
    Hi bro you can bid via Kdf, Arowana, Cheras or Yamakoshi.. They charge 10-20% on top of the price.
  • PatrickChongPatrickChong October 2010
    Posts: 215
    i want to bid leh..............
    but the price i scare shoot rocket...
  • deenblitzeddeenblitzed October 2010
    Posts: 152
    Hmmm looks good. I think Kondo kohaku No.1 has a very good body figure & a pleasant pattern, probably look good when it grows too. But looks like the 1st dorsal fin bone got some beni smeared on it. Need to do some 'adjustments' there haha.

    The rest also looks good but since many dealers (worldwide) will be involved, I feel the price would be on a very high side. But rest assured some good deals does present itself since there's quite a bit of tosais to go around.

    However, according to experience usually before the AJKS Narita will release some kois usually high grade show quality tosais through their No1Koi website. Lost 2 tosais in an online bidding war, thought the price was too steep (touching 5 figures RM) so I relented and been kicking myself ever since. The 1st tosai a 24cm sanke went to win the 25bu Kokugyo & the 2nd went to pick up the 30bu Kokugyo. Else if win can get free advertising on Rinko & Gekkan Nishikigoi monthly magazine :-D
  • PatrickChongPatrickChong October 2010
    Posts: 215
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