Can A Koi Die So Suddenly
  • raymond_ongraymond_ong August 2011
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    Hi there, am new here. Need some advise from all guru. Been into koi for 1 and a half year already. Yesterday 1st time losing my koi. Seek advise to prevent this happened again. Some of my fishes caught some skin disease (red spot). So my pond was in S1 and salted to 0.3%. Yesterday nite after 3 days of treatment, netted the fishes to check on status. I didn't bowled the fishes out of water, just bring them up to surface for inspection. The first 5 fishes were ok, then come to this fish. It was my first shiro now around 55cm. Just before the fish was still eating and swimming strongly. When i netted this fish, it seems like got into a shock (just in a few seconds time). It start to loose its balance. Let it go, half the body (left side) stunted, lost bouyancy, head up tail down, sometime belly up, start to gasp for air at surface at the same time spitting water from mouth. The fish was suffering. After 2 hrs, the fish was gone.

    What could make the fish die so suddenly, could the fish air sack (don't know what its called) burst to make the fish lost balance. I just don't know. Need to find out the cause of death as prevention so no more fish suffer from mishandling. Feeling guilty to kill my own fish
  • ShukriShukri August 2011
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    Definitely from your description, the fish didnt die because of mishandling. The fish has suffered much earlier which I hugely suspected due to a bacteria infection, an internal bacteria infection. The fish was already too weak when you netted it. If you still have the fish, check the body to see whether there are signs of raised scales. Also, are there mucus on the body?
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  • ashfaqashfaq August 2011
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  • ChengAunChengAun August 2011
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    This sounds simillar what happened to uncle Paul's (PH8) Matsue Kohaku some time ago. But he didn't net his out. From your photo, the sumi looks very drab which is quite uncommon unless the fish is under lots of stress. Basically it could be many things. Some even say heart failure.
    Anyways, sorry about your shiro. The patterning is quite nice and it would be quite good if the sumi was better. :-(
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  • raymond_ongraymond_ong August 2011
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    Tq for all the replies,
    Bro Shukri : how to determine when a fish caught internal bacteria infection? The shiro didn't show any sign of abnormal sign. Still eating and swimming strongly just b4 caught it. No raised scale and mucus. But the sumi seems almost dissapear. Tq
    Bro ashfaq: tq for post the photo. Somehow the photo didn't come out after attached
    Bro CA: ya this is a case of shiro with weak sumi. Wish got chance to see how's the outcome of the sumi because the sumi seems coming out. Keep it because it was strongest eater and normally the first to come up to eat.

  • JamesJames August 2011
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    Bro Raymond, in future when sumi starts to disappear rapidly, it is best to bowl up and treat the koi. I had a shiro with similar problem, sumi din disappear but the body kept yellowing. I had to remove to ensure whatever affecting it did not spread to other kois.. Mine i eventually found it had an internal ulcer waiting to surface...
  • raymond_ongraymond_ong August 2011
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    Bro James, thnx for the advise. Ya, as you mentioned, that shiro did yellowing and loose it's sumi quite rapidly. Maybe as Bro Shukri mentioned, there's already a problem before the incident. Will watch my other kois closely.

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