Saki hikari pellets
  • tghkoitghkoi August 2011
    Posts: 66
    Hi bros
    I have ordered 15kg each of growth and color
    To be separated in 5 kg bags
    Anybody interested pl pm me
  • WilganWilgan August 2011
    Posts: 245
    Maybe you can highlight where are you from, price, sinking/floating etc?
  • tghkoitghkoi August 2011
    Posts: 66
    Location : pj
    Floating type
    Price for 5kg hi growth is rm110
    Price for 5kg colour is rm125( will confirm again with the supplier)
  • heng84heng84 August 2011
    Posts: 77
    size of pellet? L/M/S
    Float or Sink?
    interested in high growth do let me know the info
  • tghkoitghkoi August 2011
    Posts: 66
    Size is large
    Floating type

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