Did anyone ever face a problem that a new fish lost its Tancho during quarantine?
  • weihanweihan June 2011
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    Why nice Tancho disappear after we brought them back during quarantine? anyone pls comment if you all know the reasons.. thanks
  • ChengAunChengAun June 2011
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    Bad genes, stress are the main factors I believe.
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  • weihanweihan June 2011
    Posts: 318
    i think shd be stress, the water quality for quarantine is quite good... but the tancho still disappear within 3 days :/
  • Kelvin86Kelvin86 June 2011
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    Water temperature drastic change and fish is stress.
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  • JamesJames June 2011
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    Bro weihan, is the tancho a tosai? If so, u have to keep in cold water and feed colour food until it stabilise. A lot of people buy tancho tosai with perfect maruten not knowing if it is stable. Secret is to buy the slightly bigger maruten.

    If nisai onwards, should't fade unless poor quality. If good quality it will reappear with good water and colour food.

    Good luck.
  • ShukriShukri June 2011
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    If the Tancho spot i.e. the round Beni is gone, it will be gone for good!......sorry!
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  • farikfarik June 2011
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    I think it has got something to do with the genes... happened to me when first started... bought a lower range tancho...yup....it was lost forever... then upgraded to dainichi....even from 14 cm.... it was very stable...luck also lah...
  • ashfaqashfaq June 2011
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    Below IMO & experience with tanchos : )

    Bro, i don't think the tancho spot stays based on the Gene, i had few Tanchos with me which isn't from good bloodlines/dealer, but tancho spots doesn't shade or gone when in tosai stage; Yes, when in stress it does fade and comes back again, if water isnt good then cant assure, it may gone for permanent what ever the quality you have.

    I feel or analysed from my experience is, if water is COLD, water parameters are taken care them tancho spot remains what so ever the quality of koi you have.

    8 months ago i had around 23 tanchos, in it 2 tanchos looses there spot and its entirely gone, this happen when shipping them to my cust pond which does have the poor quality of water and in the same time, kois are in stress, say travels alomst 28 hours.
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  • FPSooFPSoo June 2011
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    Hi All,

    Stress and different water and temperature condition is the main cause for this color fading. Even a nisai can be affected if the fish is not treated properly when it first arrived from shipment. Therefore, it is advisable to buy and keep the fish for at least 3 to 4 weeks before you collect them if you are not sure of their quarantine and stablilization period.

    We normally stage our new shipment in chilled pond for a period of 3 weeks in line with the bio-security requirement and slowly adjust the temp to 29 deg C over the 3 week period. This would help the fish to adjust to our tropical environment and have little chances of color fading.

    Good genes, color feeding, good water conditions and many factors does help in one way or another.

  • weihanweihan July 2011
    Posts: 318
    Thanks everyone for all the comments.. Shd take note when I buy new tancho next time :)

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