• YamatoYamato June 2011
    Posts: 184
    Cutting the fin can cause infection.
    Clean parts with disinfectant
    Dry with hair drier on cold.
    practice first to evenly join the two edges
    apply super glue to edge. join
    Soon all will be healed.
    See link:

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  • AndySittAndySitt June 2011
    Posts: 560
    Hi Neli,

    A warm welcome to Zambia / Africa.. Thanks for sharing the link....

  • YamatoYamato June 2011
    Posts: 184
    Thanks! How did U know??????
  • DanleeDanlee June 2011
    Posts: 694
    Bro Neli.

    Thanks for the tips. I did try once but somehow it did not work very well for me then. The fin split again not long after I release my koi back to the pond. Maybe I was too inexperienced then and also to be fair, the split was quite near the leading ray of the tail fin. I also did not take the koi out of water and wrap with wet towel. The thought of lifting the koi out of water somehow make me shiver.

    Anyway, I may try again the next time round. Hopefully, I may have better luck with more experience now.
  • Denn7Denn7 June 2011
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    Yamato, does the glue technique work with koi which have had the split for an extended period of time (like Daniel's)?
  • hsleehslee June 2011
    Posts: 49
    If the fin/tail rays (bones) are affected or eaten by bacteria, what are the chances of re-growth ? ....... the tail part of one of one of my kohaku has been infected, and some part of the first ray has been eaten away, it has been more then six months and I don't see any sign of regrowing.
  • DanleeDanlee June 2011
    Posts: 694
    Bro Lee,

    The link posted by Bro. Neli does have some advice on how to treat fin rot.
  • AnuarAnuar June 2011
    Posts: 688
    This thread reminds me of our very own scientist, none other than our Bro Zain. Where are you Bro? You deserve some credit to this technique... =D>
  • YamatoYamato June 2011
    Posts: 184
    Darling U can try sis Neli, I am not a bro Darling!
    hsLee Your better option in a infected eaten away fin is to cut it.
    See the same link I gave U instructions there.
    But remember U will need to put your fish to sleep, or U will not be able to do what U need to do, and the fish will be just too stressed by the procedure.
    I am sending U some pics of what I did yesterday.
    If the erosion is small dont cut even if it has some redness. Cut the edges only when U see erosion on the fin between the rays,and try to cut leading rays us less us possible.. And always the sooner U treat your Koi the easier it is to cure.
    This is what I do:
    Small erosion and redness:
    prepare all u will need
    Put to sleep with 6ml/10l of water of Phenoxyethanol (Phenoxetol).
    U need to know how to do it.
    Dry with tissue the affected area.
    I disinfect with PP iodine or 3% peroxide (be ware of chemical burns. Some fin erosion is caused by chemicals. 6% peroxide will burn your fish dilute it with water 50:50)
    Dry again
    Apply ulcer gel or/and ulcer cure .Do U have it? (the gel is a powder that gets hard on the fish when dry.
    Now dry with a hair drier on cold setting.
    Inject with antibiotic if necessary. Not under pectoral fin!!!! under pelvic fin. Now no one injects under pectoral fin.
    Release fish and observe. If it is not coming around move forward and backwards slowly.
    The only difference when U cut is to disinfect again after cutting.
    On very small Koi U can do antibiotic bath.
    On just starting erosion U can get away with PP bath at 1gr PP/10l water for 2 min.
    and topical treatment with PP paste.
  • YamatoYamato June 2011
    Posts: 184
    I would not do the glue Technic on a koi with infection.
    Clear the infection first and then do the
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  • hsleehslee June 2011
    Posts: 49
    Thanks Sis Neli and welcome a lady koi lover to our forum. I will give the method that you've recommended a try, but not sure if i'm ready for such a fact i having two koi that are infected by tail rot.
  • YamatoYamato June 2011
    Posts: 184
    Try darling!
    It is not hard.
    The sooner the better! You will lose your koi if U dont treat them.Do it as soon as possible
    Get very sharp small scissors. Dont delay! It is nothing difficult.
    U ARE A MAN!!!!!!
    The scissors must be thin edge.
  • YamatoYamato June 2011
    Posts: 184
    This is the 4th time I am posting here and it is not going! I wonder why??
  • YamatoYamato June 2011
    Posts: 184
    OK!!! they were on page 2 He he he!

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