IKK Koi (Before & After) & Progress
  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2011
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    Hi Bros & Sis,

    As part of my learning process, I always like to see "before & after" and how a koi progress from tossai onwards. Hope you dont mind. What Bro Elmen did on his winning koi was something interesting to learn and hopefully we can improve ourselves on picking up koi(tossai especially).

    Managed to net a few when I was transfering them between my two ponds this evening.

    1) Sakai Kohaku 1.
    She grew well initially but after a while she became shy. I have tranfered her to my small pond and now she is picking up the pace again :-)

    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/3124/Sakai Kohaku 20cm(16-6-10).JPG
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  • BenjaminGohBenjaminGoh June 2011
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    Captain, very good pick (Y)
    Like this koi very much because of the shiroji and pattern. :)
    Get her ready for the Young Koi Show
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  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2011
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    Ben, you are so fast :O
    Wait until I post up the new Asagi shortly...
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  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2011
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    2) Kohaku 2.
    It seemed that she has grown long which I tot it was male. But she is starting to bulk up now.

    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/3128/Sakai Kohaku 19cm(16-6-10) 01.JPG
    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/3129/Sakai Kohaku 32cm(14-8-10) 01.JPG
    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/3130/Sakai Kohaku 54cm(23-3-11) 01.JPGwww.koianswers.com/discussion/download/3131/Sakai Kohaku 60cm(5-6-11) 01.JPG
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  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2011
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    Tetagoi Ben,
    This is your Asagi (Y)

    Otsuka Asagi. Just bought her fr Bro Ben. 38cm on 26/5/11 and now 41cm(5/6/11).

    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/3132/Otsuka Asagi 38cm(26-5-11) 01.JPG

    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/3133/Otsuka Asagi 41cm(5-6-11) 01.JPG
  • BenjaminGohBenjaminGoh June 2011
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    What i notice in your koi is, very good growth rate together with good shiroji and hi. (Y)
    41cm!? :O
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  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2011
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    My latest collection. Dainichi Showas from Yamakoshi Cup.
    No 45(left) is only 21cm actually(not as per Yamakoshi measurement)
    No 4 is 22cm.

  • nocturnalnocturnal June 2011
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    Wow Capt!!! asagi 10 days sudah bukak!! :O (Y) (Y)
  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2011
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    So so only la Ben... Bro Adik, still awake ka? must be feeding you kois la..hehehe
    Trying to upload the Showas but cant la... Try again... Its ok already.

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  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2011
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    Last koi for tonight, due to ichy hands, got this Doitsu Ochiba from Koshiji Farm.
    Its a left over actually but I think and hope that this koi can turn out well. Got chance to become female and it has a good big fish pattern imho... Looking at the "cracking all over the place" pattern, I will just name her "Krack".

    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/3139/Koshiji Doitsu Ochiba 26cm (5-6-11) 01.JPG
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  • ShukriShukri June 2011
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    Bro Borman,
    My hands are itchy too, but my pond is way over stock, so have to be strong and not buy any more fishes until I either cull or sell off a few.....
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  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2011
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    Bro Shukri,
    You have spoken the same language ;-)
    I have culled q a number of them after the last show. Now they have a little bit extra space but it is going to be overcrowded again after 6 months if they keep on growing :-))
  • PH8PH8 June 2011
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    Captain, very nice selections, and great job growing them. Thanks for taking the effort to share. :)
  • AnuarAnuar June 2011
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    Looks like everybody is turning into nocturnal, very active at night eh?

    Capt, as mentioned, good growth, good shiroji and clean beni on both the kohakus. Another champions in the making. Very good thread and inspiring. Hopefully you will continue to track their progress and share with us. This is much appreciated.

    On the ochiba, haha thank you for saving her from entering into my pond - she would have suffocated in my overcrowding pond. I was planning to bring her home next week - actually still 50:50. She's in good hands now.
  • DanleeDanlee June 2011
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    You really have good eyes for tosai. From memories. I think your female tikam rate is also very high. Great job.. Bro. Must bring you along for my next tosai hunt..hehe. Of all. I liked your 1st Kohaku and Yamakoshi GO Dainichi 45 (very good for the price you paid) the most. I think both have very good future in koi show circuit.
  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2011
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    Bro Paul, Anuar & Daniel,
    Thanks for the complement. I enjoyed looking at other kichis koi's progress and learn from it and I hope others (newbies esp) will learn too, either good or bad. Actually my view on koi keeping has changed drastically. It used to be like just having kois in the ponds and when casualty happened, just get new one. No intention at all to win any prize during the show. I entered the competition just to support this hobby's activities. But it has reached to a stage where less or no casualty happened(thank God), then the challenge became less and boring. Doing the daily routine became boring and I got tired of it sometimes (sweat)

    Then I read this article(from Japan) about how we should care for our kois like our babies and grow them to their best potential. Winning a prize in a show is just a personal rewarding of telling you that you have grown them to their potential. Suddenly it became clear and to achieve this, I can see tons of challenges ahead. And I can see that this challenge will never end ;-) After the last Asia Koi Show and with my small wins, I can now smile while doing the daily kichidry routine. Hahaha...

    Well, that's is just my story. I hope other kichis know that you always have choices on how far you want to go in this hobby. Bro Paul knew me well on how naive and clueless I was when I first joint the other forum as he was the first bro to respond to my post :)Thanks to all bros & sis.

    Bro Anuar, now at least I know that there was other kichi who was interested on this Doitsu Ochiba. Since she(hopefully) was a "leftover" :-( I was wondering why she was not bought and why I got no hesitation to bring her back. I sighted her by accident actually. Further more I got no intention to buy any koi. Just wanna pick up the Dainichi Showas honestly.

    Bro Daniel, no 45 Dainichi Showa was really a good bargain imho.. I bought no 4 bcoz of the head and shoulder area which from my imagination :-D , will turn out great. Btw that is the most expensive kois I bought in my pond (bandit)

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  • PH8PH8 June 2011
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    Captain, I didn't realise I was the 1st one to answer your 1st post!! Haha, it would have been a case of the blind leading the blind! :O Good to see nowadays more kind souls coming out to help newbies.
  • k3nnyk3nny June 2011
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    Really nice development photos, keep them coming =) Love seeing how you guys develop your kois. Anyway the first kohaku is really beautiful :X
  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2011
    Posts: 1,053
    Bro Paul, you are the 1st and we always remember the 1st in many occasions. And I think you are the first to many kichis too. (Y)

    Bro Kenny(I guessed), thank you for the complement. I think the best kois to watch the progress are showa and shiro. It can be drastically good or bad.
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  • JamesJames June 2011
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    Bro Paul, u were the first to answer my post in the old forum too...
  • PH8PH8 June 2011
    Posts: 683
    Haha. I must be the chief resident kaypohchee!! :p
  • etanoetano June 2011
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    Bro IKK, really nice of you to share your koi progression ala Kodama's Kokugyo style. I always enjoy reading stuffs like this. I notice your kohaku's sashi consolidated very well, what is your secret? Do you look for good sashi at tosai age or you have a "method" to finish them?
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  • YamatoYamato June 2011
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    Lovely Koi Guys!
  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2011
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    Bro Elmen,
    We are both tossai players. Like you, pattern plays a big role in picking up tossai. To go for the body is fine but it is too early to tell. Many times I experience tossai which is smaller out do the good & bigger ones as the grown. But from which breeder and some basic Qs can tell the different. Furthermore, feeding in a congested condition in dealer's ponds can trick us sometimes. That is why sometimes the male can have a good bulky body in early stage compare to slow female. It always makes me happy to see a newly introduced tossai into the main pond, eating like vacuum cleaner(even though slow) and always stay near pond's surface during feeding. This is a good indication of female(maybe) and fast grown koi.

    On the sashi, I always try to buy a tossai with only one scale sashi. It can consolidate within a year easily. But if you are lucky enough, you might get a sharp sashi koi during tossai and it is show ready BUT the danger is that this koi can developed secondary hi easily or emerging hi which might disturb the pattern that you liked. I will always pay special attention to this tossai and make sure the beni is not too strong when feeding colour food as this problem might come out. Maybe cosmetic surgery needed to remove secondary hi or unwanted hi but still it doesn't guarantee that it won’t reappears. Bloodline can play important part in this.

    2 scales sashi is fine but it will take longer time to consolidate. If you notice the sashi has reduced to one scale as it grows, this is a good indication. Some tossai will be difficult to handle if with 2 scale sashi, the secondary hi still come out. I noticed(without prejudice), a few big names' showa tends to have this problem.

    To finish sashi faster, I believe in giving 100% colour food in a short period of time and stop completely when the head and shiroji start turning yellow. When the shiroji is white again, load 100% again and stop. So for those kois with "good" shiroji resistence aginst colour food, it can be fed longer and having faster effect on the beni. To clean up shiroji fast, increase the salt lavel to 0.3% for one day, 0.4-0.5% for 2-3 days then drop it slowly to zero with partial water change. Its better do do this in quarantine tank with no or minimum feeding. But make sure the water quality in the quarantine tank is good.

    Bro Yamayo, thanks.

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