Yamakoshi Info: Merdeka Day & Hari Raya Haji Special Auction ~ Isa Showa!!!
  • yamakoshiyamakoshi August 2017
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    Dear All,

    We have upload a new batch of showa from Isa Koi Farm for auction. Please login to www.koiforauction.biz for bidding.

    Auction will start on the 31st Aug 2017 and close on 03 Aug 2017 at 9.00pm++ Malaysian Time. (GMT +8)
    Please refer to the individual auction fish for closing time. Please note that if there is any bidder bid 5 minutes before the closing time, the closing time will be extended for another 15 min until there is no bidder within the last 5 min.

    The start bid has been placed at an affordable low price for every koi hobbyist to bid and enjoy the fish.

    Happy Holidays to all!!![-O<
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