Yamakoshi Info: Japan famous Koi farm's Live Auction start from 29th September 2016!!!
  • yamakoshiyamakoshi September 2016
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    Dear All,
    Japan Famous koi farm will be conducting their live auctions in this September & October!

    The live auctions lines up as following...

    1) Dainichi Koi Farm - 29th & 30th September 2016, website: http://ocs.sub.jp/na/list.php?AuctionNo=14

    2) Sakai Fish Farm - 3th & 4th October 2016, website: http://sff-koi.com/#tabslist1

    3) Momotaro Koi Farm - 5th & 6th October 2016, website: http://www.momotaro-koi.eu/

    If anyone is interested to bid for the fish, please send your details & Fish number(s) to carine@yamakoshi.biz or call 012-4055488.

    Yamakoshi will levy/collect a 10% commission + 6% GST on all successfully bid.
    Payment must be made in full to Yamakoshi Account within 3 working days after successful bid.
    Shipping charges, Quarantine Charges (if apply) and Import tax (if apply) are not included and will bill separately.

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