Yamakoshi Info: 17th Niigata Breeder Auction on 5th November 2015
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    Dear Koi Hobbyist,

    17th Niigata Prefecture Nishikigoi auction 2015 autumn exhibition carp introduce on the 5th November 2015.

    Kindly click on the link http://jnpa-niigata.com/event/the17th-niigata-auction.html#1 to view the auction fishes.

    If anyone is interested to bid for the fish, you can send us your details and Yamakoshi will bid on your behalf.

    To bid on your behalf, Yamakoshi will need the following details:-
    1. Your Full Name
    2. Contact Number
    3. Fish number(s) that you wishes to bid.
    4. Your maximum budget in Yen currency.

    Send your request with the above information to info@yamakoshi.biz / carine@yamakoshi.biz

    Yamakoshi will levy/collect a 15% commission on all successfully bid.
    Payment must be made in full (Winning Bid price + 15% Commission) to Yamakoshi Account within 3 working days after successful bid.
    Shipping charges, Quarantine Charges (if apply) and Import tax (if apply) are not included and will bill separately.

    koianswers.com/discussion/download/17695/Niigata Auction 1.jpg
    koianswers.com/discussion/download/17696/Niigata Auction 2.jpg
    koianswers.com/discussion/download/17697/Niigata Auction 3.jpg
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