koi and arowana in same tank
  • wingevilwingevil October 2015
    Posts: 12
    hi all,

    just asking is it possible to keep koi and a baby arowana together in same tank?
  • cfamilycfamily October 2015
    Posts: 5
    Better not . My kois died one by one due to unknown causes after I introduced Aro into the koi pond.
  • wingevilwingevil October 2015
    Posts: 12
    ic.... thx for the advise... now i add in 6pcs tiger barbs. heard that tiger barbs can eat those harmful parasite
  • AlvinAlvin November 2015
    Posts: 84
    i have one aro in my pond. no issues on my side. :)
  • KekwaKekwa November 2015
    Posts: 261
    Pond ok. In tank you are asking for trouble
  • ChengAunChengAun November 2015
    Posts: 925
    Many possible variables there. If your arowana and koi grow up together they might coexist fine. Size of tank also a factor. Ultimately I think it depends on the traits of the arowana, some are more aggressive whereas some can coexist without much problem.
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  • e4gler4ye4gler4y November 2015
    Posts: 51
    I think you may want to "treat" the arowana first before you put them together. Since Aros are hard scaled fish, they are more resistance to parasite compared to kois, but that doesn't mean Aros are parasite-free. As long as the kois are within the same size group or larger that the Aros, everybody should be fine.
  • wingevilwingevil November 2015
    Posts: 12
    thx for all the advise. i will not put aro in my fiberglass tank at the moment.

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