[HANAKO KOI] New arrivals from Takatsu Farm - Orenji, Kojaku, Yamato & Sakura Ogon
  • brianlawbrianlaw July 2015
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    Dear hobbyists,

    If you remember this young Judge called "Sohei Takatsu" during the Wakagoi show 2015 from Takatsu Farm - I have visited the farm in June and decided to bring in some of his kois into Malaysia (Note: Thanks to Yuki Tanaka who has very kindly drove us there from Okawa). Although not a big name like Dainichi or Sakai - I personally witnessed some very good Gosanke and non-Gosanke during the visit. I am convinced Hanako will bring in more of his kois in the future.

    This trip - we decided to bring in some non-gosanke for the Malaysian hobbyists. We have a limited stock of Yamata, Sakura Ogon, Orenji and Kojaku. Most of them have been pre-booked by many hobbyists and in order to let everyone enjoy Takatsu kois, we have reserved some good quality kois for sale in the farm (Yamato & Saku Ogon come with certificate). Please come to visit us to find out.

    Please visit: https://www.facebook.com/hanako.koi.malaysia?ref=hl


    Call Encik Adhar at +6011-12491055

    Some samples of the fish:-










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