J K Koi Paradise, New Collection Taniguchi Nisai Kohaku
  • jkjackyongjkjackyong July 2015
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    To all hobbyists, bro & friends,

    Will like to introduce you this TANIGUCHI nisai kohaku, size: 59cm now, guarantee female, good body structure and nice beni quality, interested please call for more enquiry :-c

    Here the video to share, very top level kohaku L3

    If you have free time, Please visit, thanks

    Visit Us At,
    Address: 802 Upper Serangoon Road [ Singapore 534672 ]

    Interested On It, Please Call For More Enquiry,
    H/P +65-97309176 / +65-62806606
    Can WhatsApp Me

    Email Us At,

    View Our Website At,
    View Our Blog: http://fishauction.blogspot.sg

    Best Regards,
    Jacky Ong/J K Koi Paradise (handshake)
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  • jkjackyongjkjackyong July 2015
    Posts: 757
    This Taniguchi kohaku has sold, Thanks bro, Taniguchi will keep for you nice nice (handshake)
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