Matala Filter Media/Mat Bargain Sale (NEW)
  • BillBill July 2015
    Posts: 55
    Special Offer - Very Good Bargain.
    New Matala Filter Media for sale. Each measuring 48" x 39" x 1.5"
    Black (Low density), Green (Medium density) and Blue (High density).

    Matala® Filter Media Pads are lightweight, durable and easy-to-cut.
    Low and medium density Matala® pads are perfect for mechanical filtration, while the high densities maximize surface area for biological filtration. Matala® Filter Media Pads provide the highest surface area of all filtration products on the market and are made with a special coating that allows water to pass easily through it without channeling. For best results, pair both medium and high density Matala® Filter Media Pads together. One mat filters up to 500 gallons.

    Such characteristics result in a unique three-dimensional flow pattern of water and air bubbles throughout the media and a high resistance to clogging.

    PM me if interested or whatsapp 016 2126 769.


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