Evaluate My Showa
  • Jav14Jav14 June 2015
    Posts: 8
    Hi Friends,

    I would like to learn more about how we evaluate our kois. Hope sifu2 and master2 can gv me some comments on my showa.

    this is one of them, the tail tube is thick (i think so) and broad shoulder. But the total length of this koi is that too short?
    Will this be one of the important point you guys choosing the koi?

    This is my girin showa, about 38cm. is the tail tube too thin? it dont have wide body now, so is that mean it cant grow to jumbo?

    my doitsu, from my point of view, this piece is so call "perfect" to me. But hope you guys can point out to me which part of it is not okay.

    Hope guys can give me your valuable comments so i can learn for future koi selection. Thanks.

  • lautslauts July 2015
    Posts: 1,248

    Can't really see anything, container too small and not enough water to give proper view to the showas. The thick tail tube appearance may be due to koi flexing its muscle to position itself constantly.
    The 1st showa does look interesting.

  • Jav14Jav14 July 2015
    Posts: 8
    hi lauts,

    sorry for the lousy video, anyway thanks for your comments. i will update again when i got chance to take better video. cheers.


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