Quarantine Process
  • Jav14Jav14 June 2015
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    Hi Bro,

    I would like to check the proper quarantine process as we know it is very important process for all of us. As I know the process take 1 month or the best is 2, depends on individual. Below I have list down my understanding and hope all Sifu can correct me.

    WEEK 1
    Day 1 - put salt and medication, fasting
    Day 2 - Start feeding small portion
    Day 3 - feed small portion, twice a day
    Day 4 - change water 10 to 20%. No need addtional salt or medicatiom. Fasting
    Day 5 - feed small portion, twice a day
    Day 6 - feed small portion, twice a day
    Day 7 - feed small portion, twice a day

    WEEK 2
    Day 1 - Change 50% water, put salt and medication, fasting.
    Day 2 to 7, repeat the same process.......

    Until WEEK 4.......release the koi to pond.

    Please advise.


  • niveknivek June 2015
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    Some pretty long discussion on QT here :

  • lautslauts June 2015
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    There is a good thread in QT, check it out.
    Salt has limited use , some medications esp with formalin does not work well with salt. Feeding is not advisable , kois are ok even with 1 week no feeding, as feeding will give you ammonia issues.
    Water changes daily 20% is advisable during QT.
    Medicate for parasites and then bacterias.

  • Jav14Jav14 June 2015
    Posts: 8
    ok thanks bro nivek and lauts.

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