newbie and my koi
  • Jav14Jav14 June 2015
    Posts: 8
    Hi all,

    Im a newbie of this forum, wanted to learn and understand more about the lovely koi and of course like to get to know more friends here.

    jst attached my little collection....they are currently in the shallow pond, i understand i cant raise good koi is shallow pond or they wont grow big, but i jst give them what i have now. once i have the budget and time, will definitely build a bigger pond. what i can do now for them is to monitor the water para well.

    below is my pond water para which tested yesterday.
    NO2 - 0
    NO3 - 1ppm
    PH 8.5
    (but still got 2 koi with red vein....)

    thanks all and glad to meet all koi's fans.

  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2015
    Posts: 1,053
    Welcome to the koianswers bro.
  • tpsmaxwelltpsmaxwell June 2015
    Posts: 110
    Welcome bro-j.
  • lautslauts June 2015
    Posts: 1,248
    Hi Jav,

    welcome to koi hobby. Nice looking collection esp the asagi and big showa. Water para looks good except the pH on high side , but this will go down in time. Do make more water changes now. The pond will grow in time as you progress in hobby :-D no worries. Just remember to maintain the water and QT kaw kaw your new purchases. NOt sure overall pond size , good idea to grow what you have now.
    Best of luck.

  • Jav14Jav14 June 2015
    Posts: 8
    thanks bros,

    TQ for the comments and advise. will keep it up.

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