Koi Heart Attack?
  • sleepymansleepyman May 2011
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    Hi all,

    This is my first post in this forum.. kindly help me understand the situation please.

    Today, I had a peculiar urge to visit my kois at Max Koi farm even as I had a meeting at 630pm and it was already 430pm..
    (My kois are housed at Max and I always visit the farm once a week. I was already there yesterday(sat))

    When I was there, first thing I saw was my beloved Yamabuki parked at the bottom near the air stone..
    I switched off the air supply and realised it was lying on its side. It was still breathing gently and moving its fins just a little. The rest of her pond mates seem ok..

    This Yamabuki was specially selected for my dad's birthday last year..
    Although not of top grade, she is from Izumiya, 2+ years of age. Brought her to Max Farm and kept her there for the last 6 months.
    Then, she was 59cm. She is always happily eating and swimming around when I visit.. until today..

    Immediately, I called for assistance.. 2 of Max's handlers responded.
    We fished her out and checked her gills and body - no injury, infection or sore of any kind, she isnt bloated or with eggs. After which, we moved her to a tub and she was supported by a measuring board and provided with air.. I realised that she is already about 70cm.
    Kudos to Sibu and Max's staff who were professional in handling the koi with much care! Appreciate it!

    This is a picture of her when she was still swimming happily..

    She is still in "ICU" now... Sad as I am.. I know she is in good hands.. and can only hope for her resilence and recovery.

    Here is her video, propped up by a measuring board.. hopefully this wont be the last I see of her!

    Can any bro here kindly deduce what could have happened? A heart attack or shock?
    (I understand your response could only be a deduction.. but will be much appreciated!)

    Yamabuki.JPG 157K
  • Little_Koi_GalLittle_Koi_Gal May 2011
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    Mr. Sleepyman, i know nothing about Kois....but just really hope your little gal Yamabuki will get well soon!!! Be strong and take care!
  • ShukriShukri May 2011
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    Hi there, just by reading your explanation and remarks by no means, anyone one of us could deduce the cause. It could be sinking disease, internal bacteria infection, internal ulcers etc. What is important is to really know what is wrong with the koi before diagnosing the fellow. Don't take too much time to find out what's wrong........
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  • WilganWilgan May 2011
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    She's a very nice fish and I like her good shiny gold tone as a Yamabuki should be. Hope she gets well soon. Do take take it easy bro!
  • sleepymansleepyman May 2011
    Posts: 102
    Thank you fellow koi kichis for your concern..
    She took a flight back to Japan this morning.

    I would just like to find out the possible causes for her demise..

    No injury, No prior sinking problem, No bloatedness, No sign of stress.. was feeding normally just in the morning.. When I saw her, She was just lying on her side breathing weakly, body already stiffened quite abit.. What could it be?
    Let it be a learning experience for prevention and cure of our beloved kois..

    Appreciate your experience..
  • PH8PH8 May 2011
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    Brother Max and his guys are pretty expert at these things, and since the koi was kept there, they may know the history. What was their verdict on the cause of death? I figure it was either a panic dart which made her bang her head against the wall, or a sudden heart attack, I had a kohaku which died right in front of my eyes 18 months ago, when nothing odd happened prior to that.
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  • sleepymansleepyman May 2011
    Posts: 102
    My condolences to your kohaku, Bro Paul.
    At least, I was spared looking at her last moments..

    I've asked Max's handlers, she is feeding normally before her demise..
    Ruled out a panic dart, cuz no injury at all on any part of her body.
    Sadly, Sibu diagnosed it as possible heart attack that paralysed her..
    As resilent as she was, she lasted from 4pm (when I spotted her) till 4am this morning.

    I think the lesson I learnt from this is..
    Life's fragile.. Lets' treasure our beloved kois..

    I got to thank Max's handlers again, for their professional care of my Yamabuki.

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