Ymsb Info: [No.1 Koi] "The 14th Famous Breeder Internet Auction Part II" is held from 5/15 to 5/17
  • yamakoshiyamakoshi May 2015
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    Dear Koi Hobbist

    We would like to inform you of No.1 Koi Auction this weekend.

    [No.1 Koi Event: The 14th Famous Breeder Internet Auction Part II]
    The Narita Breeder Auction is held at No.1 Koi again! Famous breeders all over Japan exhibit their special Tosai (Born in 2014) to this event. Don't miss this event!
    * All Koi are in "KOI-NAVI Vol.9"

    [Event Schedule]
    5/15 (Friday) 9:00(Japan Time)- Auction starts
    5/17 (Sunday) 21:00(Japan Time)- Auction ends

    Please have a look from the following link.


    For interested buyers, please send your details to carine@yamakoshi.biz or patrick@yamakoshi.biz

    Yamakoshi will levy/collect a 15% commission on all successfully bid.
    Payment must be made in full (Winning Bid price + 15% Commission) to Yamakoshi Account within 3 working days after successful bid.

    Shipping charges, Quarantine Charges (if apply) and Import tax (if apply) are not included and will bill separately.
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