Koi Body bulged with redness, Red fins and tail
  • harryyewharryyew October 2014
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    Bros & sis

    I need some advise from you all....

    This evening I noticed one of my koi is exhibiting some redness on the body, the fins and tail are red.
    The scales seems to begin to lift slightly. The body also bulged beyond his normal torpedo shape.
    He is still active to swim but like to be on the surface more than at the bottom.

    What is a probable cause of it? And what type of treatment you all would recommend?

    Thank you all for the advices in advance.
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  • urbaneffectsurbaneffects October 2014
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    Dropsy.. must do antibiotic inj asap before too late
  • harryyewharryyew October 2014
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    Thank you bro urbaneffects

    I have Amikacin...., I estimate the fish to be about 7 to 8 kg. So what is the usual dosage we give to koi?

    5mg/kg dosage? So.... for 7 to 8kg fish.... I inject 35mg of amikacin on every other day for max up to 3 injection in total?


  • harryyewharryyew October 2014
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    Do you also give dexamethasone phosphate as well?

    What dosage to give....4mg for every other day?


  • lautslauts October 2014
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    Bro Harry since you have weight ,dosage is 20mg per kg for 3 shots max every other day pls. Check the mg per ml of you Amikacin. Usually 50mg per ml. Good luck. ts
  • harryyewharryyew October 2014
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    Thank you bro lauts

    hehehe.... my amikacin per ampoule is 250mg/2ml. So it is 125mg/ml.
    Bro lauts... in human Amikacin is administered at 15mg/kg/day for serious bacteria infection.

    For Fish hentam 20mg/kg/day on every other day. Fish surface area is less than human.

    No typo error on the 20mg/kg?

    Have you also try with dexamethasone phosphate (a steroid) administered as well together with amikacin?

    Please share your experience with me....


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  • mrkoimrkoi November 2014
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    Hi bro.

    During the medication, would advise u to quarantine the fishes in high level of salt since the fish got dropsy symptom because the fishes had problem in her saline fluid in and out of her body as well. May she can recover soon. Good luck.
  • harryyewharryyew November 2014
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    Thank you bro mrkoi

    May I know... What type of sedative drug you all used to immobilize the koi of that size?

    I have Tricane-s and Transmore.

    From what I have read.... For a 120 liter water pakai 20g of Tricaine-S and if pakai Transmore pakai 26ml into the water.

    Gosh!!! Should have read more on how to medicate.... Now only reading. Banana. Not too sure. 1st time have to do this. Hehehe...

    Bros and Sis.... Do share your experiences....

    Sincerely appreciated in advance...

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  • harryyewharryyew November 2014
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    Ok. Bros and Sis.......

    I decided to use Tracane-S (15g) for 120 litre of water to immobilise the koi.

    Koi loss equilibrium quite fast...... like within a min. I think 15g too strong. hahaha....

    So I fast fast IM injected Amikacin (100mg) and dexamethasone phosphate (4mg). Observed the koi belly got redness.... bruises. Is the bruises a sign of infection or otherwise?

    Put the koi back and observed for an hour.... the koi is swimming around well..... Don't know.... maybe the dexamethasone phosphate has some effect to it.

    On the bruises at the belly area... do you all treat it with potassium permanganate or leave it for time being?

    If the koi can survives after the 3 shots.... I was thinking of waiting for another 2 to 3 days and then hentam with furosemide. What do you all think?


  • HDCuHDCu November 2014
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    Bro Harryyew,

    Looks like advance state of internal bacterial infection. Hope your kohahu gets well. I have not seen though a dropsy koi survive unfortunately.
  • harryyewharryyew November 2014
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    Thank you bro HDCu for the feedback....

    Yes... the chance that it will survives is very slim....

  • lautslauts November 2014
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    Thats what is stated in my ref by D.Griffith.20mg per kg pls do counter check bro. I seldom use Antibiotics only used Baytril. ts
  • Md+FahamiMd Fahami November 2014
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    hope your kohaku do survive bro..

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