Yamakoshi Info: Odakan Koi Sales on 1st November 2014
  • yamakoshiyamakoshi October 2014
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    Dear Koi Hobbyist,

    Odakan will be conducting a sales event on the 1st November 2014.

    This will be a fixed price sales and it will be a draw lot method to determine the winner.

    Please visit odakan website for the fish listing @ http://www2.ocn.ne.jp/~odk/koi/newpage1.html

    For interested buyers, please send your details to carine@yamakoshi.biz or patrick@yamakoshi.biz

    Yamakoshi will levy/collect a 10% commission on all successfully bid.
    Payment must be made in full (Winning Bid price + 10% Commission) to Yamakoshi Account within 3 working days after successful bid.
    Shipping charges, Quarantine Charges (if apply) and Import tax (if apply) are not included and will bill separately.

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